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CONTACT - Summer 1966:


"Finest Hour" at Gay Hill


For the first time since 1938, and only the third time in all, the Bank team has been successful in winning the Guild Trophy, virtually the Corporation team Championship, played at the Gay Hill Club on 16th June. Success in this event is always difficult to achieve, and is certain to give real pleasure to B.M.B. sportsmen, both past and present. Thanks are due to the Society's skipper, Norman Wilcox, and Hon Secretary, Tony Green, whose enthusiasm and hard work made victory possible.


In his presidential year, it was fitting that Ken Whittaker should be present at Gay Hill to receive the trophy on behalf of the Bank. This he did with his usual charm and aplomb, gently disengaging himself from the ludicrous and envious suggestion, that presidential pressure had been exerted to achieve the desired result.


The corner-stone of victory was well and truly laid by Keith Haslam, whose magnificent 67 gave him 2nd prize in the individual (2nd Division). Others whose scores counted were Harold Turner, whose 75 was performed despite the onset of arthritic pains at the last three holes, which cost him 20 strokes, Kevin Mashall (73) whose fine golf is proving invaluable to the Society, and your correspondent, the last Bank man home, who was delighted that his net 72 gave the team victory by a one shot margin over the Fire Brigade.


On a historical note, it is believed that the successful team in 1938 was Harold Turner (a fine effort to be a member of both the Society's winning sides) Ernie Price, Teddy Viney and Ken Robottom, but our history is open to correction.


F C Batstone



CONTACT - Autumn 1966:

Dear Mr Editor


May I, through you, offer my heartiest congratulations to the Bank Golfing Society on once again winning the Guild Trophy. How well I remember the last time, in 1938, when the cup was won at Harborne.


What happy memories I also have of the 1930s on Tuesday afternoons spent on the various courses in Warwickshire and Worcestershire, with the aid of 'Union' cards, in the company of Harold Turner, Jimmy Duff, Bert Wilner, and the late Don Whetnall. I shall never forget the lovely "bisques"! Harold and Jimmy will remember these.


Yours sincerely


Tim Price


Since reporting the winning of the Guild Trophy, the Bank team have played 5 matches, winning four and losing one.

Here is a summary of the results:-

WON 3-1 against Public Health

WON 4-1 and 1 halved against Lloyds Bank

WON 3-2 and 1 halved against GPO Services

WON 3-1 and 1 halved against Public Health

LOST 2-1 and 1 halved against GPO Services


The Annual Golf Outing and Medal Competition is to be held at the Broadway Golf Club, Willersley Hill on Sunday 9th October. It is hoped, that as many members will turn out on this occasion as possible.


A Green

Hon Secretary



CONTACT - Spring 1967:

The Annual Meeting and Dinner held in conjunction with the Cricket Club was held at Kings Norton Golf Club on the 22nd February. We were very pleased to welcome our President, Mr S A Guy, also Mr B P Hayward, Mr C H Massey, Mr C Selwyn and their respective wives. The President's Cup was presented to Mrs M Wiggett by Mrs Guy, the runner up being Kevin Marshall. The Cricket prizes were presented by Mrs Selwyn.


Mr F C Batstone was elected Golf Captain for the coming season and the Committee elected were H A Turner, H G Payne and H T K Haslam. The meal was very enjoyable and a pleasant evening was held by all.


The fixtures arranged for the season are as follows:-

Tuesday May 23rd .... Health Dept at Kings Norton

Wednesday June 28th .... Lloyds Bank at Sandwell Park

Tuesday July 25th .... GPO Services at Kings Norton

Tuesday August 8th .... National Provincial Bank at Kings Norton

Annual Medal on Sunday 24th September at Broadway Golf Club.


As it is increasingly difficult to obtain golf fixtures on different courses, it would be appreciated if members will give full support on these occasions. Any new members should contact me at Harborne Branch.



Hon Secretary



CONTACT - Summer 1967:

Members of the Staff will recall that, as reported in "CONTACT" 12 months ago, the Bank team was successful in winning the 1966 Guild Trophy Competition at the Gay Hill Course. The Society, therefore, entered this year's competition as holders, and I am happy to report that the Trophy was vigorously and successfully defended at the Kings Norton Golf Club on the evening of Wednesday, 28th June.


Primarily, the success of the Society is due to the sterling work of our Hon. Secretary, Tony Green, in getting together a very strong team. Tony himself played a notable part in the event, by bringing in a card of 71 net in the closing stages, which was just sufficient to ensure success.


For the record, the individual scores which mattered were:-

Keith Haslam   89-22 = 67

Mrs Wiggett    82-15 = 67

Tony Green    93-22 = 71

Jim Duff    87-14 = 73


It will be seen that Keith, for the second year running, gave us an excellent start. Time something was done about that 22 handicap, I should think. Margaret Wiggett's contribution gave us all very great pleasure and she worthily collected the individual prize for the best gross in the second division.


The gathering of the Bank's golfing fraternity was made the occasion for the presentation to Jim Duff of the gift from the Staff on retiring from the service. This was happily done, on behalf of the Staff, by Harold Turner and suitably acknowledged by Jim in his usual gracious manner. We were all delighted to hear that Jim who, for many years, has been so stalwart in his efforts for the Society, will continue to assist us whenever possible.





CONTACT - Christmas 1967:

On Sunday, 24th September, the outing was held at Broadway Golf Club. In spite of a rather showery day an enjoyable time was had by our competitors and visitors.


In the morning the medal competition was held; the prize was shared by J A Duff and H G Payne with a net 75, with H A Turner, third with a net 76. In the afternoon a further competition was held to include the visitors as well as members. The winner was P Doyle with a net 76 and J A Duff second with a net 77.


It is hoped to hold the Annual Dinner at the Kings Norton Golf Club in February 1968. (Actual date to be arranged later.)


Any new members of the Staff who are interested in joining the Society should contact me at HARBORNE BRANCH.



Hon. Secretary