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(Spring 1966)


At the fourth Annual General Meeting of the Club, held at Head Office by kind permission of the General Manager, the following resolutions were passed:-


That the following officers should be re-elected en bloc -

Chairman - W G T Gray

Secretary - P H Aston

Treasurer - D M Rose


That the annual subscriptions should remain at 5/- and be credited to the club's account at Sutton Coldfield - SC24377: weekly subscriptions are also to remain at 2/-.


The parks to be used for club evenings will be those at Yardley and Cannon Hill. The club will also be entering into the Inter-Departmental Tennis League in which it is hoped that with a little luck we could repeat the successes attained in our first season.


The attendance at the meeting numbered 15 club members in all - this equals the largest attendance at any of our club evenings last year and in view of this fact I am expecting to see hoards of happy players turn up for a game on Thursdays during the coming season. So if by any chance you wish to follow a healthy pursuit and you have not tried tennis before - how about giving it a try? No one need be afraid that they may be made fun of if they do not play well at first because we in the tennis club realise that we all have had to learn to play at some time. The first club evening is to be held at Yardley Park on Thursday, 5th May 1966, when anyone coming along will be sure of a warm welcome.


P H Aston

Hon Secretary



(Summer 1966)


The 1966 season began in fine style with attendances of 11, 9, 9, 18. Eighteen is the highest attendance since the inception of the club. Regular attendances of these proportions could create difficulties in that we may not be able to hire sufficient courts. In a recent circular I stated that in this edition of "CONTACT" I would give the reasons why Cannon Hill Park could not be used for club evenings. Firstly a Parks Tennis League has been formed using Cannon Hill most Thursday evening. These matches will have priority over any other games on Thursdays and secondly none of the club members who asked for this park to be used turned up on the one occasion we played there. That evening we were allocated one court for nine club members as there was a league match in progress. This fact, coupled with our rising membership, means that in future Cannon Hill will not be sufficient for our requirements.


The annual subscription of 5/- is now due and should be credited to account SC 24377 at Sutton Coldfield. Until this amount has been paid members should be charged an extra 6d. per week subs. and cannot be considered for selection in the Bank team. The club will again enter a team in the Inter-Departmental Tennis League this year and June's fixtures were:

6th June - Public Works

21st June - Education

30th June - Town Clerks


The dates for the other fixtures have still to be arranged. All these matches are played at the Municipal Sports Ground, Yardley, so if anyone would like a pleasant evening's entertainment, why not come along. Full details of all matches will be circularised to all Branches.


P H Aston

Hon Secretary



(Autumn 1966)


Ronnie Moll and Linda Miller


Ron and Linda are the club's new mixed doubles champions, which they achieved by whitewashing all their opponents. Their success was centred around two rubbers; firstly they toppled the former champs John Ordish and Doreen Rose, 7-5, then they clinched the championship by beating Peter and Janet Aston, who were unbeaten until then, by 6-2.


The team in the Inter-Departmental Tennis League has had a fair year, finishing with the following analysis:-

Played  5;  Won  2;  Drawn  1; Lost  2


The following members have played in the matches:-

  John Britten and Ronnie Moll  5 matches

  John Ordish and John Roberts  3 matches

  Graham Capener and Larry Sharrard  2 matches


In the two matches we won against the Public Health and the Police, we whitewashed the opposition. The two matches we lost against the Water Dept. and Town Clerk's the score was 1-3.


In the rubber against the Town Clerk's, with a little luck we may have obtained a draw. The Club intends entering two teams next year and with this end in view a couple of friendly matches involving Club members who should be in the second team have been played. The first, against the Public Works was unsatisfactory because the weather was typical of this summer - cold and wet. The second, against the Bank's league team, was better for the following two reasons - the weather was much kinder and the second team were extended to the limit.


Next year the Club intends to have more tournaments than in previous years, starting in May with a gentlemen's doubles 'American Tournament', the results of which could have a marked bearing on team selection.


P H Aston

Hon Secretary



(Spring 1967)


The fifth Annual General Meeting held at Head Office by kind permission of the General Manager, on 14th February 1967, passed the following business for the 1967 season.

Club Officials

Chairman - Mr W G T Gray

Secretary - Mr P H Aston

Treasurer - Mrs D M Rose


The Club shall enter a second team in the Corporation Inter-Departmental Tennis League. To help in deciding the composition of the teams for 1967 a doubles tournament will be played at Yardley Parks on TUESDAY, 16th MAY. This tournament will be open to all members of the Staff, both male and female.


The park to be used for Club evenings is to be Yardley and the first Club evening is to be 27th April 1967. By an oversight the subscriptions for 1967 were not settled and to rectify this a subsequent committee meeting of the Club's officials decided that the subscriptions should remain at 5/- annually. These are now due and should be credited to account SC 24377 at Sutton Coldfield with the name on the back of the slip. Weekly subs. will remain at 2/-.


The Club made an application to the Staff Association for a grant of five guineas. This was considered and passed at the February committee of the Association. On behalf of the Club I would like to thank the Staff Association for their continued financial support.


The thanks of the Club are due to the Head Office Secretarial staff, the Typists and all others who have helped with administration work of the club.



Hon Secretary



(Summer 1967)


The 1967 season has opened in fine style with, despite the atrocious weather, no club evening having had to be cancelled. One club evening had to be finished early for what we hope will remain a unique reason, namely - snow!


The doubles tournament to help decide team selection was won as expected by John Britten and John Ordish. They had a relatively easy passage until the final, when they played Ronnie Moll and Linda Miller. They eventually won this rubber after a struggle, 6-3. These four on present form should make up the composition of the Bank's first team. None of them should become complacent and think that they have their places assured, for the club has at least six players ready to take over from them should any of them falter.


The Annual Subscriptions of 5/- are now due and should be credited to the Club Account SC 24377 at Sutton Coldfield. Any member who has not paid by the end of July will have to be charged 2/6d weekly subs. as from then.


The Club still has room for any Staff members who would like to join. The club evenings are held at Yardley Park at 6pm on Thursdays, so if you are interested - how about coming along.



Hon Secretary