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(Spring 1964)


The following members of the staff have been elected officers of the Tennis Club at the Annual General Meeting:-

Mr W G T Gray - Chairman

Mr P H Aston - Secretary

Miss D Follows - Treasurer


The Tennis Club looks eagerly towards the forthcoming season. We feel that given a large slice of luck we should not be disappointed. The first Club Evening will be held at Cannon Hill Park on Thursday

30th April at 6pm


The Club's Team, representing the Bank, having been promoted to Division I of the Inter-Departmental League, should find that the opposition will extend them to their limits. The Selection Committee as elected at the Annual General Meeting is constituted as follows:-

Mr W G T Gray

Mr J Ordish

Miss J Capener


Anyone who wishes to play or perhaps only to watch others, please come along; all will be sure of a heart welcome.


P H Aston



(Summer 1964)


"1964 so Far"


This year has so far produced a crop of ups and downs.


Taking the 'ups' first; despite the recent run of bad weather, no Club Evening has been cancelled or curtailed. Because of this, attendance at these 'Evenings' have been most satisfactory, on one occasion there being more than a dozen members present. On the Credit side too was the drawn match against "Health A". When it is considered that "Health" were runners up in last year's first division league title it can be seen that a draw was a meritable result.


The 'downs' concern our other two league fixtures. The first, against Architects, was rained off. The match has now been arranged for Monday July 20th. The second fixture was against 'Teachers' and, when viewed in retrospect, I sometimes wish that this match too had been rained off. We suffered our first defeat (with a capital D), since we first entered the Inter-Departmental League at the beginning of last season. The Bank's No 1 pair of John Britten and John Ordish put up a splendid fight taking the first set of the evening 7-5. Unable to maintain this performance however they fell eventually to their Teacher opponents. Whether this tense battle affected the morale of the number 2 pair we don't really know, but neither player managed to strike form and went down heavily, conceding every game, set and the match, something we hope will not be repeated.


Although it was stated earlier that attendance had been satisfactory, that does not mean that new faces will not be welcomed. At all times, we shall be pleased to see anyone who wishes to play at any of our Club Evenings.


Full details of Club Membership may be obtained from me at Kingstanding Branch. Annual Subscriptions are only 5/-, which should be credited to account YL36841 at Yardley Branch.


In view of the recent increase in charges for hiring tennis courts from 3/- to 5/- an hour, it has been found necessary to increase playing members' weekly subs. from 1/6 to 2/-.


P H Aston



(Autumn 1964)


1964, from the Club Evenings point of view, has been our most successful season. The weather, unlike our first season has been excellent, only one club evening being curtailed. This coincided with our mixed doubles 'American' tournament, the winners once again being John Ordish and Doreen Follows. It is an indication of the rising standard of play of the other contestants that although the eventual winners were never beaten they did not have such an easy passage as last year.


On the other hand 1964 has not been as successful for the team as was 1963. With one fixture unfinished, which at the best we can only draw, our record has been only one draw from three matches. The difference in the standard of play between Division 2, of which we were champions last year, and Division 1 is tremendous. Last year we always felt that we could win, this year we were not so sure of ourselves. The following members represented the Bank in league matches this year. John Britten and John Ordish in four matches, Roger Garner, Larry Sharrard, Alan Woolfenden and Peter Aston in two matches each. We also entered a knock-out tournament run by the league playing the Town Clerks in the first round. In this match, because the Town Clerks are in Division 2, we had to give them 15 points in every game. This was too great a burden and eventually we lost 3 rubbers to 1.


Although we have been unable to register a win, we have all learned a great deal and are betters players because of it. The team is not dispirited despite the resultant relegation to Division 2 and will play all out for promotion to Division 1 again in the shortest possible time - and next time we intend to stay.


P Aston


(Spring 1965)


The third Annual General Meeting of the Tennis Club was held, by kind permission of the General Manager, at Head Office on March 9th, 1965. The following officers were elected:-

W G T Gray - Chairman

P H Aston - Secretary

Miss D Follows - Treasurer


The meeting decided upon the following:-


That the Selection Committee should consist of the Club's Chairman and Secretary.


That the annual subscription for this year should remain at 5s. 0d., whilst a subscription of 2s. 0d. should be charged on every occasion that a member attends.


That both Yardley and Salford Bridge Parks should be used for Club evenings.


The season is scheduled to start at Yardley Park on Thursday 6th May. Any new members will be most welcome, and may gain membership by crediting the annual subscription to the Club's account at Yardley Branch. The account number is YL36841.


Let's hope that this summer is as good as last. Should it be so, it will mean that we will have some really pleasant evenings for tennis.


P H Aston

Hon Secretary



(Summer 1965)


The 1965 season has seen the best beginning of any season since the formation of the Club. Club evenings have so far attracted more than a dozen members on each occasion. This has resulted in the Club having to use three courts, for the first time.


In the March edition of "Contact" I stated that we intended to use Yardley and Salford Bridge Parks for our Club evenings. Since then, we have had to shelve the idea concerning Salford Bridge as the dressing room accommodation is not up to standard. A possible alternative that we are considering is Aston Park. More information, when this has been finally decided, will be circulated later.


The team, which we have once again entered into the Municipal Inter-departmental Tennis League, has already played two matches, the results being:-


Bank v Education - Lost, 4 rubbers to nil

Team:  John Britten and John Ordish, Alan Woolfenden and Peter Aston


Bank v Police - Drew, 2 rubbers each

Team: John Britten and John Ordish, Ron Moll and Larry Sharrard


In conclusion may I say that, although the attendances at the Club evenings have been excellent, I do not mean that we cannot find room for more.


P H Aston



(Autumn 1965)


In the last edition of 'Contact', I stated that 1965 had seen the best start of any season since the formation of the Club. I am glad to say that this improvement has been maintained with as many as fifteen members attending Club Evenings. The weather has once again been kind to us, with only one Club Evening and one Match being rained off completely. Unfortunately it was the Club's Mixed Doubles Tournament that was hit. This, combined with a large entry of seven couples, resulted in the tournament taking several weeks to complete. The eventual winners were once again John Ordish and Doreen Follows, going through the tournament as in previous years without losing a match. This means that they have scored a worthy hat-trick since the inception of the "Doubles" in 1963. Other Club members hope that they will return next year to defend their title, when we may have an opportunity of beating them.


The team which we have entered in the Inter-Departmental Tennis League has had a mixed year. At the time of writing, with one match outstanding, our record is as follows:-

Played 6;  Won 2;  Drawn 1; Lost  3


The three teams to whom we lost were Teachers, Water, and Education. It would be true to say that defeat was expected against the Teachers and Water but the 'Education' game turned out to be a bitter lesson. The two fixtures which we won, against Public Works and the Estates we 'white-washed' the opposition.


In conclusion, any male member of the staff who wishes to keep fit for next season's tennis should contact 'Bob' Shakespeare who will, I am certain, fix him up with a game of football.


P H Aston