Staff Association Annual Report - 1964

Report for the year ended 31st October, 1964




On the 31st July 1964 Mr Sutherland retired following the advice of doctors. Your Committee felt that this occasion should be marked by a presentation to him and a social evening was held on Saturday, 12th September and attended by the Chairman of the Bank Committee, Mrs E L Hobson, JP, together with members and retired members of the Staff and their wives/husbands. About 260 guests were present, to all of whom it was obvious that Mr Sutherland's health had greatly improved. Later he wrote to the Association expressing his thanks for a very memorable evening.


The friendly atmosphere in which Mr Sutherland met delegations from your Committee to discuss Staff problems has been greatly appreciated.




During the year Mr J A Smith, a past Chairman of the Association resigned from the Management Committee after many years as an active member. Your Committee wishes to place on record its appreciation of the services rendered to the Association by Mr Smith.


The vacancy on the Committee was filled by Mr M P Bourke.




The influx of new staff has again enabled us to maintain the increase in membership reported for the last two years. In spite of the loss of members through resignations and retirements, the total membership is now 377  including 48 in the Retired Members Section.




The membership of this section is showing a steady increase and our thanks are due once again to Miss Hastings for acting as Accredited Representative of the Retired Members Section for the past the past year. Unfortunately Miss Hastings finds that she is no longer able to act as liaison officer due to other commitments taking up an increasing proportion of her time.




The interest shown in the programme of social events is very gratifying and any suggestions for new social activities will be welcomed by your Committee.


The ancillary organisations continue to flourish and for the information of members, particularly new members, a list of the Clubs, together with their Secretaries, is given below:



J G Eyre

Shard End Branch


P Batchelor

Cotteridge Branch


A Green

Selly Oak Branch


J G Eyre

Shard End Branch


M Davenport

Horse Fair Branch


P Aston

Relief Staff


These Clubs manage their own affairs but each one is in receipt of an annual grant from the Association. The form of these grants has been the subject of an extensive review by your Committee, as a result of which new arrangements will be instituted in the next financial year.




During the past year representations have been made to the Management on two points of major concern to the Staff, they were:


(1) The grading of Relief and Junior Branch Managers.

(2) The change in Management policy with regard to promotion.


As a result of discussion with the Management concerning the grading of the Relief and Junior Branch Managers, certain facts came to light and it was decided by your Committee that the wisest course would be to hold this matter in abeyance for the moment.


Grave concern was expressed by a large proportion of the Staff at the change of promotion policy by the Management. This was the subject of very frank discussions held by representatives of your Committee with the General Manager and Deputy General Manager. Subsequently your Chairman met the Chairman of the Bank Committee following which a delegation conferred with the Secretary of the Birmingham Municipal Officers' Guild who is making further representations.


The question of a five day working week has been kept in mind and will be discussed with the Management as and when it is implemented in other quarters.




Arrangements have been made during the year for members to obtain trading concessions with Messrs F W Askew and Son, Jewellers.




Your Committee would like to thank all those who have made visits on behalf of the Association to members away sick. It is quite a tonic for members to see a friendly face and receive some small gift to show that they are not forgotten. We hope for swift recovery to health for those away at the moment.




Our thanks are due once more to Mr G Butler for his hard work in the task of Editor of the Magazine. The Association Journal is much appreciated by all, particularly those in the Retired Members' Section.




The Association would like to express their gratitude to the Management for facilities provided and assistance given during the year and also to the following:


The typists for their endless work on our behalf.

Account Department for collecting the subscriptions.

Miss Meggs and the Canteen Staff for the good food received.

Mr Maggs for his many duties, including keeping us 'merry'.

Mrs Cherry for collecting our Guild Subscriptions, and to all who have helped at any time and in any way, our sincere thanks.