Staff Association Annual Report - 1958

Report for the year ended 31st October, 1958


The year under review has been an active one for your Committee. Following complaints regarding conditions of service, the General Manager met your representatives; as a result of this meeting a further meeting took place at which Mr Councillor Morgan, Chairman of the Bank Committee, and Mr C A Smallman, the Guild Secretary, were present.

At the suggestion of Councillor Morgan, a meeting of the Staff was held in April at which a Resolution was passed instructing your Committee to prepare a Report calling for a revision of gradings in the Bank. This Report was presented to the Staff in June, when it was accepted without dissent and it was resolved that the case should go forward through the Guild. The Report is now being studied by the Bank Committee.

Our thanks are due to the General Manager for his co-operation in making these meetings possible, and to the Staff for their support at the two meetings.

Following a Referendum obtained from the membership, Mr Sutherland expressed his willingness to attempt to incorporate suggested improvements in arrangements for Annual Leave, and excellent example of what joint consultation can achieve.

Proposals will be put forward at an Extraordinary General Meeting early next year, for amendments to be made to the existing Rules of the Association to permit the formation of an ex-members section.

Every effort has been made by your vigorous Socials Sub-Committee to provide a varied programme of social functions, the importance of which to a scattered staff cannot be over-estimated. Concern, however, has been expressed in the News Letter at the apparent lessening of interest in the Annual Outing, and it would be unfortunate if this event had to be discontinued because of lack of support.

The customary visits to our sick colleagues have been made wherever possible, and best wishes for a speedy recovery are extended to those at present away.

Your Committee again offers its sincere thanks to all who have helped so considerably - often behind the scenes - to ease its work during the year.

Membership of the Association at the 31st October stood at 268, a figure which, despite retirements, was an increase of six over the previous year.

J A Smith,



B R Endall,

Hon. Secretary.