Staff Association Annual Report - 1969




During the year two members of the Committee resigned, Mr R L Mann and Mrs J E Bourke. Their places were taken by Mr D M Bickley and Miss K Newey respectively. Mrs Bourke continues as an ex-officio member of the Committee as the Editor of "CONTACT".

Mr J A Cox also ceased to be a member of the Committee when he resigned his position as a Guild Representative. He will continue to serve on the Guild Management Committee as Guild Treasurer. His place as a Guild Representative has been taken by Mr R M Garner.


Membership of the Association now stands at a record 535 members, which includes 80 members of the Retired Members Section.


A past General Manager, Mr H J Sutherland, died on the 18th August 1969. Mr Sutherland was General Manager from 1957 until his premature retirement due to ill-health in 1964. The Staff were represented at the funeral and a donation was sent to the British Heart Foundation Appeal. Our condolences to Mrs Sutherland and family.

Miss P Hilton, the retired members' accredited representative continued to keep in touch with our retired colleagues and our thanks are due to her for the splendid efforts she has made in this respect.


Under the capable editorship of Mrs Bourke, who took over in January of this year, "CONTACT" maintained the valuable link between members of the Staff and retired members.


The Socials Committee with David Jackson as Chairman provided us with an excellent and varied programme of events during the year. The Jubilee Dance held at Penns Hall Hotel was an unqualified success and everyone concerned deserves our thanks for the efforts made on our behalf.

All the Association's ancillary clubs continue to flourish and anyone interested in joining should contact the respective honorary secretary.

Rambling Club                    Mr M J Davenport

Lawn Tennis Club                Mr R N Moll

Golfing Society                    Mr A Green

Cricket Club                         Mr R A Bunten

Chess Club                          Mr N A Worwood

Football Club                       Mr D R Horner


Visits to members of the Staff who are away sick were made and the Committee would like to thank all those who undertook such visits during the year. These visits, usually with a basket of fruit or some other small gift, together with our best wishes for a speedy recovery, are very much appreciated by sick members.


As agreed by the membership at last year's Annual General Meeting the subscriptions were increased. The extra revenue enables your Committee to attempt more enterprising activities.


1 Five-day Week      This year saw the introduction of the long-awaited five-day week. The position has been very carefully studied and when the Joint Stock Banks announced their intentions every effort was made to ensure that we should follow suit.

A referendum was held at the request of the Staff to test reaction and feeling to various suggested alternative hours of opening. The results were overwhelmingly in favour of making Thursday the late opening and this was finally agreed upon and adopted by the Bank Committee. Although the five half-days were automatically lost, every effort was made on your behalf to retain the compensatory payment in full and with the backing of the Bank Committee Chairman and the General Manager this was retained. Your Committee would like to place on record its appreciation of the efforts of Councillor Martineau and Mr Guy in these negotiations.

2Junior re-grading  An attempt to have the Bank's juniors re-graded as "non-routine" was referred to the Guild Secretary, but after consultations with the Establishment Officer we were informed that this was unacceptable.

3 House Purchase Facilities        A case for preferential terms for members of the Staff was referred to the General Manager during the year. Discussions are continuing.

4Security      Your Committee welcomed the new arrangements regarding delivery of cash to Branches and the installation of protective screens at some Branches.

5 Holidays     The first year of the new Holiday Scheme proved a success. It was found that 95% had the holiday period of their choice.


Concern was expressed to the General Manager regarding the shortage and distribution of Staff. Full and frank discussions took place on this matter.


The sincere thanks of the Association are due to many people who so readily assisted in and contributed to the work of the Association.

To Miss E Jones and Mrs M H Levy, the Typists Office, Mrs Brewer and the Canteen Staff, Mr and Mrs Forward (and of course their predecessors Mr and Mrs Wall), Accounts Department, Mr Hoccom (our Honorary Auditor), Mr Bickley (Guild Subscriptions Collector), Mr Shaw, Mr Evans and Mr Robins.

Your Committee would like to thank Mr S A Guy for the facilities provided and the courtesy shown at all times to your representatives on the Association.