Staff Association Annual Report - 1968



It is with deep regret that we record the death of Mr A H Bower early in December.

Our sympathy is extended to his widow.

The Staff Association was represented at the service.


It is with regret that we record the premature retirement of three Association members, Miss M G M Barton, Miss M M C Paterson and Mrs E M Peers. It is hoped that their health may soon improve now that their time is their own.


Your Committee has lost the valuable services during the year of its Vice-Chairman, Mrs Pat Butler. We record our appreciation of the services given by Mrs Butler, particularly on the socials side, and we wish her a happy retirement with her newly-adopted son. Your Committee has also lost the services of Miss Paterson for many years a Guild Representative. Suitable gifts have been presented to them in recognition of their efforts on your behalf.

Mr N A Worwood has also resigned from the Committee and his pertinent comments will be missed.


The membership of the Association has further increased to a record total of 460 and it is gratifying to see that almost without exception new members of the Staff have joined the Association. The retired members section has increased to 74 members. Our thanks are due to Miss P I M Hilton for her endeavours in this field.


Some social events organised during the year have been poorly organised and your Committee has had to consider the implications of the apathy shown. It may mean that the social programme will be altered and that more ambitious ventures will be undertaken. The Socials Committee has organised a Dance to be held at the Penns Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield, on Wednesday, 22nd January 1969, and it is hoped that this will be supported by ALL members of the Staff.

4 The various affiliated clubs have been busy and a number of grants have been made. In this connection our thanks are due to the Football Section for their gifts from the Pontoon Account.

For your information the following list of Secretaries is given:-

CRICKET                 Mr R A Bunten

GOLF                        Mr A Green

RAMBLING               Mr M J Davenport

CHESS                     Mr N A Worwood or Mr C P Addis

LAWN TENNIS         Mr P H Aston

SOCCER                  Mr D R Horner

MOTORING               Mr J G Eyre


Our thanks are due to Mr Ian Galloway for his work as Editor of the Staff Magazine. Unfortunately, publication is being delayed because articles from contributors are arriving late. Please note the latest date for contributions for each issue and see that your article arrives in good time.


The following subjects have been considered. The use of the Trainee Grade within the Department, the Bank Jubilee, Compensation for staying at Branches during redecorating etc, grading of Juniors, grading of Managers, Security, House Purchase for Staff and the Five-day Week. Many of these matters are still under consideration.

The Committee would like to thank the General Manager for his help during the year - a very busy one which has involved the General Manager and the Officers of the Association in many meetings.

Your Committee has been in close touch with the Birmingham Municipal Officers Guild where necessary.


At the last Annual General Meeting of the Association it was decided to pursue the idea of a holiday scheme based on personal choice. As members will know, the scheme has been drawn up and presented to the Management for consideration.


Many visits have been organised during the year to those members of the Staff who have been ill. Your Committee would like to thank everyone who helped in this connection and wish a speedy recovery to all those who are away at this time.


Your Committee would like to place on record its thanks to the General Manager for the facilities so readily provided and for his assistance on many occasions.

Our thanks to Secretarial Office, Typists Office, Accounts Department, Mrs Brewer, the Canteen Staff, Mr Wall, Mr Shaw, Mr Evans, Mr Maggs and to all those who have given help to the Association. Mention must be made of Mr J Hoccom, our auditor, and Mr J Clemmow, our Guild subscriptions collector.