Staff Association Annual Report - 1967



It is with deep regret that we report the deaths of two of our members during the past year. Mr Ken Robottom died earlier in the year soon after his retirement - our sympathy is extended to his widow. Mr Clarrie Russ died in November after a short illness and we would offer our sincere sympathy to his family. The Staff Association was represented at the services.


The composition of your Committee has continued unchanged throughout the year. However, Miss Paterson has been ill and we would take this opportunity of wishing her good health in the future.


With a large increase in Staff our own membership has increased by 47 and now stands at  record 443. There are 69 members in the Retired Members' Section. We hope that the increase in Staff will mean an increase in attendances at our social functions and these younger members will take an active part in the work of the Association.

Miss Hilton has been very active as Secretary of the Retired Members' Section and membership has increased by 6. Anyone who would like details of the benefits to be obtained from membership should contact Miss P I M Hilton.


A full programme of social events has been organised with success. However, there is still room for improvement in attendances. The Committee would welcome any new ideas for these functions and, if they are practical, they will be tried.

For your information the following list is given:-

                                               Secretary                   Branch

RAMBLING CLUB               Mr M J Davenport    Head Office

FOOTBALL CLUB               Mr R N Moll              Small Heath

CRICKET CLUB                  Mr R A Bunten          Bearwood

GOLFING SOCIETY           Mr A Green                Harborne

LAWN TENNIS CLUB        Mr P H Aston            Perry Common

MOTORING CLUB              Mr J G Eyre               Pype Hayes

If any member is interested in any of these clubs, the Secretary concerned should be contacted.


Our thanks are due to Mr Ian Galloway for his first year as Editor of our magazine. Please give him your support by sending him plenty of articles in good time for publication.


First of all our thanks must be given to the General Manager for his courtesy and consideration during our meetings and conversations during the year. This year has seen a great deal of activity and this Committee, together with the good offices of the Birmingham Municipal Officers' Guild, have spent a great deal of time on the following subjects:-

1 Promotion Policy

The letter which your Chairman read out at the last Annual General Meeting was forwarded to all interested members. After discussion by your Committee this matter was referred to the Guild Secretary who has now received a letter from the General Manager stating that the most suitable officers, having regard to age, qualifications, service and merit, are those recommended for promotion as and when vacancies occur.

2 Overtime (Decorations, etc)

A new system of payment for overtime in excess of ten hours was introduced during the year. At the moment this matter is in the hands of the Guild Secretary.

3 Trainee Grade

With the introduction of the new Salary Structure in February 1967 discussions were held with the Management regarding the use of the Trainee Grade. Your Committee is of the opinion that the full application of this grade would be beneficial to the Staff and discussions are still proceeding.

4 Junior Cashiers

The Chairman and Secretary of this Association discussed with the General Manager the position of Juniors and Cashiers on the new Salary Structure. This matter has been referred to the Guild Secretary.


As members will have realised a holiday scheme based on personal choice has been investigated and will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting on 17th January when an appropriate motion will be tabled by your Committee.


A number of visits have been arranged during the year to those members of Staff who have been ill. We would like to thank all those who have carried out these visits on behalf of the Association and wish a speedy return to health to all those who are sick.


The Committee would like to place on record its sincere thanks to the General Manager for the facilities so readily provided and for his help on so many occasions.

Our thanks to Secretarial and Typists' Offices, Mr Maggs, Accounts Department, Mr Shaw, Mr Evans, Mrs Brewer, the Canteen Staff, Mr Wall, and to all those who have contributed to the smooth running of the Association. Mention must be made of Mr Hoccom, our Auditor, and Mr T P Cox, our Guild Subs. Collector.