Staff Association Annual Report - 1966




During the year two members of the Committee found it necessary to tender their resignations - Miss P A Wall became Mrs Squires and left the Staff, and Mrs K Dempster because of a great increase in the work she does in editing weekly and monthly news sheets for her church.

Your Committee wishes to place on record its sincere appreciation of the services rendered to the Association by both these members, and particularly for their invaluable assistance in the organisation and production of Social Functions. Their places on the Management Committee were filled by Miss J E Chapman and Miss J P Macbeth.


Once again the influx of new Staff has enabled us to increase the total membership by 11 to 396 in spite of losses through retirements and resignations. The Retired Members Section now has 68 members, making a total Association Membership of 464.


It is with deep regret that we record the death on the 31st October 1966 of Mr E H Viney. "Ted" retired from the Bank 21 years ago after completing 45 years in the service of the Corporation. The Bank Staff and the Retired Members Section were both represented at his funeral and the sincere sympathy of all Association Members extended to Mrs Viney in her bereavement.

Your Committee would once again like to place on record its gratitude to Miss P I M Hilton for the efficient way in which she has discharged her duties as Accredited Representative.


Another comprehensive programme of social events has been organised by your Committee and it is gratifying to report a continued interest by the Staff. Any suggestions for new social activities will be welcomed by your Committee and acted upon, if practicable.

The Ancillary Organisations continue to attract a great deal of support and interest from the Staff and for the information of Members, particularly New Members, a list of the Clubs and their Secretaries is given below:-

CRICKET                 Mr J G Eyre               Shard End Branch

FOOTBALL              Mr R N Moll               Spring Hill Branch

GOLF                        Mr A Green                Harborne Branch

MOTORING              Mr J G Eyre               Shard End Branch

RAMBLING              Mr R L Mann             HO Reserves

TENNIS                    Mr P H Aston             Perry Common Branch

TABLE TENNIS       Mr D Archer               Sparkbrook Branch

These Clubs manage their own affairs, but are able to make applications for a grant from the Association's funds if necessary.


The claim for regrading submitted through the good offices of the Guild as reported last year was supported by the General Manager and the Bank Committee and subsequently received the approval of the Establishment Committee. Further representations were made on behalf of officers who, although regraded, received only a nominal increase and it is pleasing to report that these representations were successful, the officers concerned being granted an additional increment.

Your Committee records its sincere appreciation of the efforts of the Chairman of the Bank Committee and the General Manager leading to the successful conclusion of the claim.

A strong protest was registered on behalf of the Staff, both direct and through the Guild, when the news that Treasury permission was being sought to open a new "Special Investment Department" was announced to the Press and the public before being released to the Staff.

At this time it was recognised by the Association and the Management that discussions taking place between the General Manager and your Chairman could constitute joint consultation. This principle has been used on several occasions since.

Concern was expressed to the Management at the acute shortage of Staff which became apparent as soon as the summer holidays began.

Your Chairman and Secretary have subsequently met the General Manager and his Deputy on two occasions as a result of this. Firstly to enquire what action was being taken and, secondly to discuss suggestions to ease the Staff position, which had been submitted by the Association.


The visits made to Members of the Staff who are absent due to illness are greatly appreciated. It is quite a tonic to know that you are not forgotten by your colleagues on these occasions. Your Committee would like to thank all those who have made such visits on behalf of the Association during the year and to all those who are currently away sick, we extend sincere wishes for a speedy return to good health.


The last Annual General Meeting left us with a Magazine without an Editor - a cart without a horse. It did not take long, however, to find a very willing horse in the person of Mr Ian Galloway, and your Committee would like to express its sincere thanks for all the "donkey" work he has done in the past twelve months.

Your Committee would also like to express its gratitude to Mrs G F Leedham, a past member of the Management Committee, who until her retirement this year wrote the Ladies Page. This page is now being written by Miss J E Chapman.


The Management Committee would like to express its thanks to all members who have assisted in carrying out the activities of the Association during the year. Particularly the Staffs of the Typists Office and Accounts Department, Mrs Brewer, Mrs Bell and the Canteen Staff, Mr and Mrs Wall, Mr Shaw and the Engineering and Manual Staffs and Mr Hoccom for auditing the Association's accounts.

Finally, we would like to extend the sincere thanks of the Association to the General Manager for the facilities provided and the courtesy shown at all times to your Representatives during the year.