Staff Association Annual Report - 1965



In presenting the Annual Report, your Committee regrets that during the year it had to record the deaths of two Association Members; Mr J W Raftery on 12th November, 1964 and Miss N F Jenkins on the 2nd October, 1965. Last tributes were paid by Association Members at the funeral services.


Your Committee has carried out the instructions of the last Annual General Meeting and has forwarded to the Savings Banks' Institute for investment the amount donated to the fund (£107-12s.-10d.). The income from the investment will be used to provide annually a national prize in the Savings Banks' Institute Examinations, to be known as the J W Raftery Memorial Prize and to be awarded for the subject of English in Part I of the Examinations.


Mrs E G Cherry resigned from the Committee when she retired from the Staff on the 23rd August, 1965. She had been an active member of the Management Committee for many years and had been official collector of Guild Subscriptions for much of this time. Our thanks are sincerely given to her for so much time so willingly spent on this task.


It is very gratifying to report a further increase of 8 during the year in Association Membership, which now stands at 385. This has been due to the influx of new Staff to whom a personal explanation of the objects and activities of the Association has been given at the induction Course.


Consequent upon the resignation of Miss Hastings, because of ill health, the responsibility of maintaining contact with the retired members has been accepted by Miss Hilton.

Due to Miss Hilton's perseverance and the steady stream of retirements, the membership of this section has increased by 11 during the year and now stands at 59.


Your Committee has been informed that at such time as the preparation of Bank Salaries may be transferred from Accounts Department to the Corporation Computer, subscriptions will be deducted on a monthly instead of a quarterly basis. This applies to both Association and Benevolent Fund Subscriptions and will simplify matters for the Computer Programmers.


The continued interest shown in the Programme of Social Events is very rewarding, and any suggestions of new social activities, likely to stimulate fresh interest, will receive the earnest consideration of your Committee.

Yet another Club has been formed, the Table Tennis Club, which follows the precedent set by other ancillary organisations by managing its own affairs, but may seek financial aid from the Association if necessary.

Applications made by these organisations for a grant towards their expenses are accompanied by an Income and Expenditure Account, showing the number of members and the annual subscriptions paid, together with a reasoned case in support of the application.

The following grants have been made during the past year:-

Rambling Club        £2. 12. 6d.

Tennis Club              £5.   5. 0d.

Golf Society             £6.   6. 0d.

Football Club            £5.   0. 0d.

Cricket Club              £5.   0. 0d.

For the information of members, particularly new members, a list of Clubs, together with the names of their secretaries, is given below:-


Club                                                  Secretary                                          Branch

Cricket                                               Mr J G Eyre                                      Shard End

Football                                             Mr R Shakespeare                          HO Reserves

Golf                                                    Mr A Green                                       Harborne

Motor                                                 Mr J G Eyre                                      Shard End

Rambling                                          Mr M Davenport                               HO Reserves

Table Tennis                                    Mr P Austin                                        Perry Common

Tennis                                               Mr P Aston                                        Aston


During the year a claim for increased remuneration for all Staff was prepared by your Committee and submitted to the Guild for action. The claim was presented to the General Manager and Deputy General Manager by the Guild Secretary at a meeting attended also by your Chairman. The Management were not prepared to support that part of the claim relating to Cashiers and Juniors; your Committee considered the situation and instructed the Guild Secretary to proceed, at this time, with a claim for the up-grading of Managers and Relief Branch Managers only. The Bank Committee have accepted the amended claim and it is understood that representations are being made to the Establishment Committee.


Mr G Butler has once again earned our thanks for the able way in which he has edited the Magazine for yet another year. Your Committee would like to record its sincere appreciation for the hard work he has put in on behalf of the magazine and it is, therefore, with much regret that we receive his decision not to accept nomination for this post for the coming year.


We hope for a swift recovery to health for all those who are away sick at this time and your Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have visited the sick on its behalf during the past year.


The thanks of the Association are extended to the General Manager for facilities provided and his co-operation and courtesy in dealing with any approach made by your Committee during the year.

Without the help of the Typists Office, the Accounts Department, Mr Maggs, Miss Meggs and the Canteen Staff, Mr Shaw and the Manual Staff and Mr & Mrs Wall, the activities of the Association would be severely restricted. The services of Mr Hoccom as Honorary Auditor and the help of numerous other members is greatly appreciated by your Committee.