Staff Association Annual Report - 1963




It was with great pleasure that we heard that Mr J A Cox had been appointed treasurer of the Birmingham Municipal Officers' Guild. We were not surprised, for what more natural than that the Financial Officer of the Guild should be found from among the Bank Staff? Our pleasure is tempered by the possibility of Mr Cox having to retire as our Secretary. He has, however, promised to continue until the Annual General Meeting in January.

We are pleased to say that Mrs Cherry is making good progress after her accident, which resulted in a broken hip. We have been missing her from our Committee Meetings, where one of her duties is to take charge of the tea-pot! We all wish her a complete recovery and speedy restoration to health.


Despite the retirement or resignation from the staff of eighteen (18) members, we have, mainly by the influx of new staff, increased our membership by twenty-one (21). The total, including retired members is now three hundred and eighty one (381).


The support for all the organised events is very encouraging to your Committee, though we can always find room for more. Our interests cover a wider range than ever. Our latest section is a Car Owners' Club and, encouraged by a free evening at the Warwick Bowl, the ten pin bowlers are talking about forming their own club.

For the information of new members of the Staff, a list of the various Clubs, together with their Secretaries, is given below.

                                               CLUB                        SECRETARY                      BRANCH

                                               RAMBLING               Mrs D JOHNSON                ASTON

                                               FOOTBALL               Mr M BOURKE                    RELIEF

                                               CRICKET                  Mr J G EYRE                       SUTTON COLDFIELD

                                               GOLF                        Mr A GREEN                      SELLY OAK

                                               TENNIS                     Mr P ASTON                        RELIEF

                                               CAR                          Mr J G EYRE                       SUTTON COLDFIELD

If you have an interest in any of these activities, please contact the appropriate Secretary, who will be only too pleased to help you.

The possibility of holding a Dinner has been discussed but as a result of the recent questionnaire, your Committee feel that the support shown would be insufficient to justify such a function.


Our god child - that lusty infant Contact, continues to progress under the loving care of Mr G Butler. This magazine fulfils a purpose of inestimable value in knitting together, both the present staff and the past retired members. Our thanks are due to Mr Butler for his untiring work in compiling and editing the magazine. We would also like to thank the contributors, without whom the Editor could not complete his task.


Our thanks are due to Miss I V Hastings who has taken over the duties of Accredited Representative of the Retired Members, and acts as 'liaison officer' between the Retired Members and your Committee. All circulars concerning functions and other items of interest are distributed by her.


Efforts have been made during the year to obtain additional trading concessions, and it is hoped that this further benefit of membership will be taken up with advantage.


Earlier this year, the General Manager received a delegation to discuss the question of the hours of working at the Annual Balance. The hours decided, together with the new arrangements which were put into effect be the Management have been warmly welcomed.

At a get-together of the Staff Associations in the Corporation organised by the Trade Union Education Sub-Committee of the Guild, it was apparent that the Bank is well served by your Association, both in the organising of Social Events and in its relations with Management. Our Rules have in fact been used to form the basis of a model set of Rules for other Staff Associations.

It is noted with gratification that the Bank Committee has again been active in securing further improvements in the Conditions of Service of the Staff. The recent promotion of cashiers who have been successful in their examinations must surely give incentive to the younger members of the Staff.

The rota system of Annual Leave has again been under discussion, but for various reasons, no approach to the Management has been made.

The General Manager has again been asked however, to reduce the number of periods to ten (10) but he has indicated that this will not be possible for 1964. An extra concession has been granted to those taking the last period and a promise given that, if possible, the Holiday List will be put up early in December.

A highlight of major importance during the year had been the Salary settlement reached by the National Joint Council. An unprecedented step has been taken in agreeing to increases over the next three years. The advantages to both Employers and Employees is obvious and it is to be hoped that the cost of living will remain stable enough to enable us all to enjoy these increases to the full.


Many visits have been made to Sick Members this year. Your Committee is grateful to those who have made these visits on its behalf. We know that Members who are away from work through illness greatly appreciate a call by a colleague. We sincerely hope that those Members who are at present absent through sickness, will be soon able to return to their duties.


There are many to whom we would like to give our most sincere thanks. To the General Manager, whose ready co-operation in countless ways, as always graciously given; to the Typists for their endless cyclo-styling for us; to the Accounts Department in dealing with the collection of subscriptions; to Miss Meggs and all the Kitchen Staff for their help in providing for the "inner man" at the Social Activities; to Mr Coney for his annual task of auditing the accounts; to Mr Maggs for his multitudinous activities, mainly in connection with social events; to Mrs Cherry, who collects our NALGO.