Staff Association Annual Report - 1962

Annual Report for the year ended 31st October 1962


In presenting the annual report your Committee regrets that during the year it has had to record the death of two Association members, Miss L E Wittle and Mr K R Willingham. Last tributes were paid by Association members at the funeral services.

It is also regretted that Miss D A Otty has had to retire because of ill health. It is to be hoped that the less strenuous life in retirement will be beneficial to her.


Mrs J Baulcombe resigned from the Committee when she left the staff in October for the pleasures of domesticity. Your Committee wishes to place on record its appreciation of the services rendered to the Association by Mrs Baulcombe. Her cheerful personality will be missed by all members.


It is gratifying to report a further increase during the year in the membership of the Association which now stands at 318. This has been due to two factors - an influx of new Staff and a recruiting campaign. There are also 38 members of the retired section.


Once again a comprehensive programme of Social Events has been carried out and it is pleasing to report that the new ventures which have been requested by members have been enthusiastically supported. One new item in the socials programme last year was the 'Rock & Roll' evening and it is hoped that with more younger members on the Staff this will be a regular feature.

Two new clubs have been formed - the Tennis and Football Clubs. These, in addition to the existing Clubs, manage their own affairs but the Association makes a general grant to their funds. The form of these grants has been the subject of a comprehensive review and new arrangements will be instituted during the coming financial year.


Friendly relations have been maintained between the Association and the Birmingham Municipal Officers Guild. The position of Senior Branch Managers had been under consideration for some considerable time and following an increase awarded to Trustee Savings Bank Managers, a case was prepared for the upgrading of these officers. On the advice of the Guild, this claim was deferred whilst the National Pay Claim was being negotiated and when representations were made to the Management, your Committee was pleased to learn that the matter was already the subject of negotiation between the Bank and Establishment Committees.

In accordance with instructions given at the last Annual General Meeting the possibility of introducing a form of protective clothing for male members of the Staff was investigated. Representatives were made to the General Manager who indicated that he did not propose to take any action in the matter at the present time.

Fluorescent lighting has now been installed at two Branches and, if the Bank Committee approve, other Branches will be dealt with in due course.

Excessive pressure of business and overtime at Branches has, at the request of members, been investigated. It is to be hoped that the increase of Staff in September together with further mechanisation will ease the situation. The matter is, however, being kept under review.


During the year the Editor of 'Contact', Mr H W Powell, was appointed Editor of the 'Guildsman'. At the time of taking over this important office Mr Powell felt that it would not be possible to give his full attention to both journals and asked to be released from his duties as Editor of 'Contact'. He agreed to remain nominally Editor until the next Annual General Meeting and Mr G Butler was appointed as his assistant. The Association is indebted to Messrs Powell and Butler for co-operating so readily to insure the continuity of publication of our quarterly journal.


Your Committee thanks members who have, on the behalf of the Association, made visits to colleagues absent from duty because of sickness. We trust that members who are absent at the moment through illness will soon be fit and able to resume their duties.


The thanks of the Association are extended to the General Manager for the facilities provided and for his courtesy in dealing with any approach by your representatives during the year.

Without the help of the typists' office, the accounts department, Mr Maggs, Miss Meggs and the Canteen Staff and Mr & Mrs Wall, the activities of the Association would be severely restricted and our thanks are due to these and other members who have helped on many ways during the year. The services of Mr Coney as Honorary Auditor and Mrs Cherry as the collector of Guild Subscriptions are also much appreciated.


J A Cox

Hon Secretary.



Since the end of the Association Year, it has been announced that the Bank Committee has been successful in obtaining improved Gradings for Branch Managers.

This further evidence of the vigorous and sustained efforts of the Bank Committee to improve the Conditions of Service of the Staff is greatly appreciated.