Staff Association Annual Report - 1956

Report for the year ended 31st October 1956


Your Committee reports that the Association arranged the following events:- a Children's Christmas Party, a New Year Party, a Square Dance, a Whist Drive, two Theatre Parties, two Bowls Matches, a Social Evening and an Annual Outing. All, except the Whist Drive, were well supported.

Numerous visits have been made, and presents taken, to sick members of the Staff.

Your Committee, realising the anxiety felt by the members about possible changes which would follow the general introduction by the Corporation of a five day week, sought the help of the Guild, who readily agreed the special difficulties of the Bank Staff. Negotiations have been proceeding since June among the Bank Committee, the Establishment Committee and the Guild Secretary. It is hoped that a satisfactory solution will be reached.

In view of the scattered nature of the Staff, your Committee has been concerned with the difficulties of gathering and disseminating information, and would appreciate any suggestions by members with the object of improving the present situation.

Membership of the Association total 268. 9 members have left and 18 new members have joined during the year. A small number of the Staff are not members, and a recruiting drive is contemplated. The indirect benefits of membership are just as valuable as the more familiar direct benefits.

In conjunction with the Guild Representatives, a campaign to secure 100% membership of the Guild has been sponsored. During the year 50 new members have been recruited and non-members are strongly urged by your Committee to consider their responsibilities in this matter.

Co-operation between the Association and the Guild has been strengthened and every possible help has been given by your Guild Representatives, to whom the Committee expresses its gratitude.

Standing Orders of the Association have been reviewed and amendments will be submitted for approval.

The introduction of the Honorarium, granted in connection with the Annual Balance to Staff not entitled to overtime payment, is welcomed.

We are most grateful to the General Manager for granting the liberal use of the Assembly Hall.

We express our thanks to Miss R M Brown for continued help with all social functions; the typists for ready assistance with considerable written matter; Mr Yardley and his staff for help with subscriptions and membership; Mr C B Coney for his valued help as Honorary Auditor; Mr H A Turner, contributors and all helpers with the News Letter; and the many other "back room" friends who all help to ensure the continued success of the Association.

L A Instone, Chairman.

S C Wilson, Honorary Secretary.