Staff Association Annual Report - 1955

Report for the year ended 31st October 1955


Your Committee report that during the Association year 1954/55 they arranged the following events:- A Children's Christmas Party, a New Year's Party, two Dances, a Theatre Party, two Bowls Matches and an Annual Outing.

Numerous visits have been made, and presents taken to sick members of the Staff.

This year we have suffered losses in the deaths of our colleagues Mr R H Earp and Mrs N A Read. Expressions of sympathy have been sent to their relatives.

Following representations made to the Guild concerning the gradings of posts within the Department - referred to in your Committee's last Report - certain up-gradings were made by the Bank Committee, and notified to the Staff affected. Your Committee welcomes these improvements, but regrets that the Guild has been unable to obtain a statement of Departmental establishments. Your Committee, in co-operation with the Guild, intends to keep this matter under review.

Resulting from approaches by members of the Association your Committee has exhaustively considered the continuing increased pressure of work within the Department. Proposals were formulated and a deputation was received by the General Manager, who stated that he was precluded from dealing with an internal organisation on any matters connected with salaries and conditions of service. Your Committee is therefore co-operating with the Guild Representatives in pursuing these matters through the established channels.

To support its policy with regard to retirement, a unanimous resolution was sent to the Guild on the 18th July last, protesting strongly against the City Council's decision to allow officers to remain for five years beyond the normal retirement age. It was felt that prospects of promotion in all grades were seriously prejudiced by this decision.

We are indebted to the General Manager and the Bank Committee for the use, when needed, of the Assembly Hall without charge. We express our thanks for this privilege. We wish also to again express our pleasure that they have been able to accept invitations to be present at and to take part in some of our social activities.

Our thanks are once more due to Miss R M Brown for her help and co-operation in all social events; to the typists and copyists for the work they have done; to Mr N G Yardley and the Staff in his Department for help in connection with subscriptions, and to Mr C B Coney for his services as Honorary Auditor. We thank them all, together with those numerous members and others who have helped when there has been need.

At the 31st October 1954 the membership was 256. Since then until the 31st October 1955, 21 new members have joined and 18 are no longer in the services of the Bank, making the total membership at the end of our year 259.


L A INSTONE, Chairman.

S F JONES, Honorary Secretary.
December 19th 1955