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CONTACT: Spring 1973
F M Thompson

Retirement of Mr Frank Malcolm Thompson


The 31st March saw the retirement from Bank service of Malcolm Thompson, Superintendent of Banking Hall at Head Office after almost 47 years with the Department, during which considerable length of time he proved himself to be a man of great mental stature who was dedicated to his professional work and who earned the affection and respect of all who came in contact with him.


Malcolm joined the Bank staff in 1926 at the age of 17 immediately following his leaving King Edwards Grammar School, Aston. He qualified as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers 1935 and became an Acting Branch Manager in the following year and for a period was appointed one of the Bank's internal auditors. From 1942 until 1945 he served with the National Fire Service but with the ending of World War II, he returned to the Bank and was appointed Branch Manager in 1947, Branch Inspector in 1965 and finally Superintendent in 1971.


His promotions, logical as they were to those that knew him were all the more significant in view of the fact that in 1954 and 1955, two serious internal operations resulted in a lengthy absence from the Bank and undoubtedly had a permanent effect on him physically. His illness certainly curtailed his active interest in the Bank Staff Association since he was Vice-Chairman of the Association Committee from 1948-50 and Chairman from 1950-54. In his capacity as officer of the Association he showed the same zeal and sagacity as he did in his Bank work and was responsible for the preparation and presentation to the then Management of several comprehensive reports which resulted in substantial benefits to Bank staff in various sectors of its work. He was always a great believer in union membership and maintained, during his Staff Association work, the closest liaison with the Guild.


The culminating success of his Bank career came with his being requested by the Management to organise the setting up of a Current Accounts Department of the Bank. A period of intense research and organisation preceded the introduction of the new service in 1967 and the great success of the Department will certainly prove a lasting reminder of the man whose efforts were in the main responsible for its introduction. Subsequently in 1972 he proposed the setting up of a Foreign Till at the Head Office of the Bank and following Management agreement this new service was introduced during that year.


Regrettably at the end of 1972 his health broke down and he was ordered to rest completely by his Doctor who later, despite improvement in the health of his patient, advised retirement. The advice was reluctantly taken but his colleagues are certain that Malcolm's decision was a wise one. All who know him and think of him with affection will realise that he will have more time to spend in his garden and motor around the countryside, matters of great interest to him as evidenced by his membership of his local branch of the Alpine Garden Society and of the National Trust.


It is the sincere hope of his colleagues that 1973 will see the commencement of a long period of rest, travel and enjoyment both for his wife Marjorie, and himself and that retirement will bring about a sustained improvement in his health.


(NOTE: prior to his appointment as a Branch Inspector, Malcolm Thompson was the Manager at Hockley, Aston Cross, and Handsworth branches. He completed his career with the Bank as the Superintendent of Head Office branch)
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