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CONTACT: Christmas 1971
W A Camwell

William Arthur Camwell, affectionately known to all as Cam, officially retired on Wednesday, 17th November 1971, after completing 47 years service. Cam left quietly, as was his wish, after a celebration chicken lunch with the members of his staff and the two Inspectors with whom he had worked on so many occasions throughout his career.


Joining the staff on 10th July, 1924, Cam was soon in the forefront as a contender for the title as to which cashier could put through the greatest number of transactions per hour. His prize object as a "Bank man" has always been that his customers should receive fast, efficient and courteous attention and he never failed to carry out this objective at any Branch under his control.


Many will be surprised to learn that his early hobbies were tennis and the playing of a saxophone in a Dance Band. These were soon superseded by his growing interest in Railways and the purchase of a 1927 Austin 7 Tourer No HA3350, enabled him to extend his activities with the result that HA3350 became known in every Railway Depot in Gt Britain.


As his interest in Railways grew, so did his capabilities as a photographer and his older colleagues will always remember him as the man who discovered that Strong Rooms make perfect Dark Rooms. However, his discovery did not earn a Nobel Peace Prize.


Although gardening has never been included in the list of Cam's hobbies, it must be conceded that he cultivated the finest Grape Vine of our time and that it could always be relied upon to bear fruit instantly.


During the war years Cam saw service with the RAF, initially as a Railway Transport Officer and latterly as Officer in Command of Transport in Burma.


He was made a Branch Manager in 1940 and was eventually transferred to Kingstanding in 1960 where he became known as "the Gnome of Kingstanding". Transactions at the Branch increased rapidly and it became one of our busiest Branches - everyone, including Head Office, soon heard how "Chick T" or "Chick S" had put through "230 Bank in two hours".


Now that the source of the latest "Gen" has been lost and the Bank has said farewell to one of its greatest Managers, Cam will always be remembered for his generosity, his interest in the welfare of his staff and his inimitable sense of humour.


We wish Cam a long and happy retirement and, with the knowledge that every minute will be spent in the active pursuit of his hobby, know that he will enjoy life to the full.






(NOTE: prior to a prolonged spell as the Manager of Kingstanding branch, 'Cam' managed Witton and Tower Hill branches)


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