Staff Association

CONTACT: Autumn 1967
Ernest Roy Jennings

Roy Jennings retired from the Staff on the 14th July 1967 after 44 years service. He joined the Bank in 1923 and served as a Junior Clerk, Cashier and Branch Manager.


His appointment to Branch Manager took place in September 1937 and it will interest the younger members of the Staff to know that his salary was around 300. per annum. During his years with the Bank he always gave conscientious, loyal and faithful service. He has a very deep sense of justice and the rightness of any cause which he supports, and this has sometimes brought him into conflict with Authority. A side of his character which is not generally known is his kindness to anyone who meets with misfortune.


We all hope that he will have a long and enjoyable retirement.



(NOTE: Roy Jennings' appointment to Branch Manager in 1937 was to two part-time offices (Shirley and Solihull) that were worked together, although he had earlier taken charge at Lozells branch. At the end of his career he spent many years in charge at Springfield branch)