Staff Association

CONTACT: Spring 1969
Geoff Payne

On the 18th February 1969 we lost the services of one of our most popular members, Geoff Payne. He had been on the Staff since May 1925, before the majority of our male members were born, and certainly before all the ladies were.


He has, during the course of almost 44 years, been to many Branches, his final term of office being as Manager of Northfield Branch, where he will be greatly missed by depositors and Staff alike.


He was a member of the Staff Committee for 18 years, which I think I am right in saying is a record. Perhaps only those who have actually served on the Staff Committee can realise the effort and self sacrifice that this entails. He acted as Chairman of the Socials sub-committee for 15 years, arranging countless Staff functions. We are all exceedingly grateful for the pleasure these functions gave us.


He was also known for his golfing skill and has served the Bank well in many friendly matches. His home is adorned with an army of cups, among them being the President's Cup, of which he is the holder this year.


He hopes to mark this year of retirement by a visit to America, where he has wartime friends. We all join in hoping that both this journey and his retirement will bring great happiness to Geoff and Ann and assure them they will both be long in our thoughts.



G. W. Thomas

Ward End Branch



(NOTE: Geoff Payne recalled his wartime memories in an article in the Bank's staff magazine: