Staff Association
CONTACT: Summer 1967
Frank W Hearne

Frank Hearne has left the B.M.B. after having given 42 years of loyal service. He came to us direct from school, and it was fitting that he should choose Banking for a career as he always showed such a great interest in figures.


During the War he served with Combined Op's and was amongst the vast fleet which I saw off Spithead on D Day-1, and tells an amusing story of the messages (freely translated by the Yeoman of Signals) that were being sent out on that historic occasion.


He was appointed a manager on his return and served for many years at Oldbury. A prolonged absence through ill-health resulted in his return to a quieter Branch. In due course he became the first manager of the new Ladywood Branch (vital statistics 77-85-28) and had the distinction of having one of the first purpose-built manager's offices.


It is regretted that Frank's early retirement was on medical grounds, and it is hoped that freedom from the cares and responsibilities of banking life will completely restore the sparkle and zest.


His colleagues wish him no less.