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CONTACT No 40 - Summer 1965


"Silver Rook" Chess Tournament 1964/65

Though for the Bank Team the Chess Tournament was concluded during the far off winter months, a report on play was postponed so that the final result might be published.

The Bank played in the first round against the Gas Board with a team of 5, the change from a team of 4 being made to comply with new rules for the tournament. Messrs Powell, Britten, Addis, Worwood and Aston played in that order against Messrs Kirby, Brett, Majolanski, Robinson and Smith of the Gas Board. Mr Britten was our first victor after a hard game. Mr Worwood succumbed to a thorough beating, followed by a 'win' for Mr Powell after a long struggle, stiffly contested. Resignation came next from Mr Addis who had fought doggedly but saw no future in his game, and Mr Aston was last but not least in gaining a "draw" with a King and Rook finish, from a game in which he had been down in material but up in position --- a well contrived ending.

Though the new rules were framed to lessen the risk of decision by elimination, the two bottom boards had to be eliminated to obtain a result, and the Bank won by 2 boards to 1.

The following (semi-final) round provided a shock! The same team, playing against the Building Department, was provided with a "walk-over" for Mr Worwood as his opponent did not arrive. This augured well but initial optimism was to be rudely shattered. Mr Powell was beaten by Mr Nicklin; Mr Addis was beaten by Mr Stokes, and Messrs Britten and Aston each had to concede a "draw" with their respective opponents. There was a touch of humour in Mr Aston's game for, faced with heavy odds, he refused to surrender and forced a stalemate! His opponent's shout of anguish was heard, they say, in the farthest corners of the Council House. The final position in this match was 3 to 2 against the Bank.

The Building Department went on to play the Town Clerk's in the Final, the latter winning 3˝ to 1˝, thus leaving Town Clerk's in possession of the Silver Rook for yet another year. Incidentally, our team was extremely grateful to the Town Clerk's Department for extending the use of their Council House Rest Room and Chess equipment.

If our team's enthusiasm had been the deciding factor, we would have won every board, for there was certainly no lack of that commodity, so next year  - - - - who knows?

"En Passant"