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BMB Lawn Tennis Club: 1970 and 1971
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CONTACT - Summer 1970

Tuesday, 28th April, was the start of a new tennis season for the Bank. We have been fortunate to retain the league cup for three years, and hope that this year will prove equally successful. Two teams have again been entered in the Inter-Departmental Tennis League. For the first time a men's doubles team has been entered in the West Midland Tennis Competition for NALGO members.

Our first match is against Worcester and at this present time a date and meeting place has yet to be arranged.

I have been very pleased to see many new members coming along on Tuesday evenings and hope that this will continue throughout the season.

R N Moll

Hon Secretary


CONTACT - Autumn 1970

Club evenings throughout the 1970 Season have again been well attended by members of the Staff. For the first time, members of the Club arranged for further tennis meetings to be held at Yardley Park on Saturday mornings; this again proved very successful.

The Bank's 'A' team lead the Inter-Departmental Tennis League having won all their matches played to date. With only two matches to be re-arranged, the team hope that they will retain the trophy which the Bank have held for the last three years. J Ordish and J Britten have again played a major part in the success of the 'A' team this year. I Galloway and R Moll, who have played as the second pair in the 'A' team, have also shown excellent form.

There were several entrants for the Men's Doubles Tournament which has now reached the semi-final stage of the competition: the final result will be circulated later.

It is to be hoped that next Season will also prove to be as successful and that many new members will come along for a pleasant club evening.

R Moll

Hon Secretary


CONTACT - Autumn 1971

The 1971 season although as yet unfinished promises, despite many experiments having been tried, to be most successful. It becomes necessary, because the Corporation Tennis League became defunct, to join the Birmingham Metropolitan Tennis League. This new league, which was the successor to the Birmingham Parks League, gave our teams the type of competition that they had been lacking for two or three years.

Bank 'A': Played 6, Won 1, Drawn 2, Lost 1, Unfinished 2.

Bank 'B': Played 7, Won 1, Drawn 3, Lost 2, Unfinished 1.

The following Club members have played in the teams during this season: John Britten, John Ordish, Graham Capener, Michael Tarver, Ron Moll, David Turner, Larry Sharrard, Roger Garner, John Curtis, Michael Bourke, David Chapman, Eddie Stokes, Kenny Foster, Peter Aston. A notable absentee from this line up is Ian Galloway who has been unable to play because of a number of prior commitments. The fact we have so many people to call on must to a great extent be due to the weekly Club evenings held on Tuesdays. Norman Chamberlain Playing Fields have been used this season with an average of 11 club members attending. One drawback at this park is that the nets need replacing, but this should be done before next season.

The results of the tournaments so far finished:

Mixed Doubles American - Winners: Graham Capener and Elizabeth Whittle

Ladies Singles American - Winner: Carol Gaffney

The results of the tournaments which have not been finished, (Men's Doubles Knockout and Men's Doubles League) and the final positions in the Metropolitan Tennis League when known, will be circularised.

Peter Aston