Staff Association
News Letter: Autumn 1958
Miss R M Brown
The above edition of the staff magazine included an
appreciation of the career of Rosalie Maude Brown
Miss R M Brown, who joined the Bank Staff on the 3rd April 1923, on the introduction of the then Chairman (the late Councillor Appleby) is, I understand, due to retire about the end of August. I am sure that ex-members of Staff who have known her for so many years, as well as all the present members, will join me in wishing her good health and much happiness in her future life.
The appointment of Miss Brown as Welfare Officer, after serving during the War as Temporary Branch Manager, was undoubtedly a very beneficial move; not only must the former Canteen Committee have been glad to relinquish the extra worries of arranging the menu and ordering provisions for HO Canteen, but the Staff at all the Branches must have benefited greatly from Miss Brown's suggestions to the General Manager for the provision of more comfortable chairs and various facilities in the mess-rooms, and her visits and sympathy in cases of illness. RMB also always took part whole-heartedly in the social activities arranged by the Staff Committee.
I should like to express my personal thanks to Miss Brown for her friendship and kindness and to ensure her that life after so-called retirement can still be most enjoyable; the days and weeks (as my sister and I have found) not being nearly long enough to do all the things one looks forward to doing when opportunity occurs.
Good Luck, Miss Brown - and may you be as happy as we are!
E M Morrison
Staff Welfare