Staff Association
News Letters: Autumn 1958
A Theo Guest
The following editions of the staff magazine included an appreciation of the career of Theo Guest
Mr A T Guest retired on 17th July 1958 after serving for nine years with the Water Department and 37 years with the Bank. This is a long time and one would expect to find him weary and bent but oh, No! Sometime during those years 'Theo' found the secret of youth and remained young ever after.
Any Branch became brighter for his presence and, with his charming manner and stimulating sense of humour, it was a real pleasure to be associated with him. He made a point of passing on from his vast store of Bank knowledge, useful hints and information, and there are few of  us who have not profited from this at some time.
And now a toast to speed the parting Guest "May you enjoy a long and happy innings on Superannuation, Theo". For our part we shall miss one of our most distinguished 'bowlers'.