Staff Association
News Letters: Autumn 1958
& Spring 1959
Ferdinand ("Fitz") Fitzpatrick
The following editions of the staff magazine included an appreciation of,  and a tribute to, the career of Ferdinand Fitzpatrick
News Letter: Autumn 1958
To few men is given the deep satisfaction on which arises from a wide circle of friends, all mutually attracted by feelings of esteem and affection. Such a one is Mr F Fitzpatrick, who retired from the Bank service on 18th August, after 43 years service with the Corporation.
He joined the Water Department in 1915, and after serving with HM Forces, returned in 1919. In August 1921 he followed several of his colleagues on the short but vital journey to the Bank; short because both Departments shared the same office and, in fact, one believes, the same counter as well! After the usual round of cashier and relief duties, he settled down to manage a succession of Branches with all the thoroughness so familiar to his friends.
Popularly known as "Fitz", he endears himself by his unfailing courtesy and generosity to those fortunate enough to meet him. His loyalty and sincerity are so sure that they are accepted without thought.
In recent months he has been sorely troubled by ill-health but this bitter disappointment he meets with typical fortitude and cheerfulness.
Nowhere is Fitz happier than in his home and garden. A family man, he delights in warm hospitality, and nothing gives him greater pleasure than leading his friends through his beautifully planned and well-kept garden.
Our very good wishes for the future are extended to Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick. We hope that they will enjoy a long and happy retirement.
News Letter: Spring 1959
On the retirement of Mr Fitzpatrick in August last, after a long spell of sick leave, the Bank lost the services of a most zealous and devoted officer. But with the news of his death on 10th December last, one experienced a feeling of great personal loss.
"Fitz", as he was affectionately called by his many friends on the Staff, had been known to many of us for nearly 40 years, during which time his sterling character and cheerful disposition had endeared him to all with whom he came in contact. He always placed his duty first, even when he was in indifferent health.
I first met him in the early 1920s and recollect working with him on the occasion of the Annual Balance at Rotton Park Branch, when the male members of Staff were required to work until 2am after which he took me home on his motor cycle combination. He and I also worked together at Kings Heath Branch whilst it was being reconstructed, and we attended to depositors through a hole in the wall - those were the days!! I remember his being married, and the keen interest which he developed in gardening, as evidenced by the wonderful garden which he later created at The Hurst, Kings Heath. He truly had "green fingers" and knew the botanical names of every shrub and plant which flourished there.
Nothing was too much trouble for "Fitz", if it was by way of duty or to help a friend, and many are the members of the Staff to whom either he or his wife has given a helping hand at some time or another.
Of Irish descent, he had the kindly humour of a true son of that race, and the Staff, and indeed the community as a whole, are the poorer for his passing to the life beyond.
S A Guy