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CONTACT: Christmas 1973
W G T ("Wilf") Gray
The Christmas 1973 edition of the staff magazine included the following appreciation written by Clem  Batstone regarding his colleague - Wilf Gray. Prior to his promotion to the position of Branch Inspector, the branches Wilf managed included Nechells; Sandwell; Tower Hill; and Rotton Park.
(Wilf Gray died on August 24th 1988)

W G T GRAY - An Appreciation on his Retirement.


Wilfred Gray, who retired recently after serving the Bank since 1928, looks back on his working life as being both rewarding and well worth while. Today, when so many associate the word "boredom" with banking and similar occupations, it is refreshing to hear Wilf's view, expressed loudly and clearly, that he has never found his daily task either boring or irksome. Indeed, quite the contrary. No high excite­ment certainly, but a job which offers contact with the public can, in his opinion, never be anything but interesting.


Apart from enjoying his work, Wilf has derived continual satis­faction, from his friendly relationship with his colleagues. In these relationships he has been helped by that happy facility which he has in full measure, of being completely at home with people of all levels.


Wilf has been, for many years, a keen tennis player, and though the passing years and a touch of trouble in the back, have combined to blunt his skill, neither has quenched his zest. A few years ago he was approached by Peter Aston to help launch the Tennis Club. He was delighted with this opportunity, and Peter would be the first to acknowledge the help and encouragement he received.


For the record, Wilf began his career on the post desk at Edmund Street and completed his term last September, having been appointed Inspector some three years previously. During the war he served in the R.A.F. for over five years, a considerable portion of it overseas.


Wilf, who has enjoyed his career and the comradeship of his colleagues, is a keen type and a good companion. We all wish him well and trust that he and his wife enjoy many years of happy retirement.


The Bank has been fortunate to have had his services.