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CONTACT: Spring 1972
Alec H F Giddings
The Spring 1972 edition of the staff magazine included the following tribute written by Dan Crowley on the retirement of Alec Giddings. In addition to managing the prestige office of City branch, Alec Giddings also managed Halesowen; Quinton; Horse Fair; and Harborne branches.
He can be seen as a member of the Bank's early 1960s Cricket Team at Image-002



Alec Giddings retired on 15th December last and he had then, with the exception of five years wartime service in the army, worked for the Bank for over forty-three years.


For a time he was chief assistant to Mr. Raftery in the Banking Hall and on the 1st March 1951, he was appointed a Manager.


He was promoted through all the manager grades and one of his branches was the "City" for which he was chosen to take charge when it opened in March 1966.


In doing his work he has spread an air of courage and integrity around him and he is regarded with respect and affection by all those who have worked with him or known him.


We send our deepest sympathy to him in the sad loss of his wife who died so soon after his retirement.