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CONTACT: Summer 1970
W H ("Bill") Stanton
The Summer 1970 edition of the staff magazine recorded the retirement of Bill Stanton. Following the completion of his service in the Second World War, Bill was the Manager of a number of branches including Little Bromwich; Bordesley Green; Sparkbrook; and Shard End

'Bill' Stanton is one of the few Managers to go at the earliest possible moment. He has long been looking forward to retirement and is fully prepared for both its joys and hazards (if any).


Bill joined the Staff 43˝ years ago as a junior at Small Heath Branch, where I first met him. In those days we did not come to work in our cars, but on our 'push bikes', with 'push' as the operative word. I well remember that after closing at 1pm on Saturday, Bill would rush home for a quick bite, then play Rugger for the City Officials and arrive back at the Branch, tired and sore for the evening opening of 6 - 8. Happy Days!


W.H.S. joined the Territorial Army in November 1938 and was of course called up at the outbreak of war in September 1939. He served with the Warwickshire Yeomanry from then until he was demobbed in October 1945, having been commissioned in 1943. During this time the Yeomanry changed from horses to tanks - surely a portent of the mechanisation which was to influence all of us. His Company was moved to York after VE Day in 1945 and there he met the Yorkshire lass who was to be his bride. When Bill married Brenda in January, 1946 I was happy to be his "best man".


At this time Bill was sent to Little Bromwich as a temporary manager, it being explained to him that, as so many managers had not yet returned from Military Service, no permanent appointments could yet be made. He was finally made a manager in September 1947. Since then he has been to several branches mostly on the East side of the City, finishing his career at Shard End Branch.


Bill served a term on the Staff Committee and was well known for his 'tall' stories and unfailing good humour; he was an undoubted character. We shall miss him.


We do wish him and his wife a very happy retirement with all of its joys and none of its hazards.