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From March 14th to 17th 2013, a contemporary art exhibition was held in the Bank's former Head Office in Broad Street. The various art projects that formed the separate parts of the exhibition focussed on finance and investment. The title of the exhibition was  Thrift Radiates Happiness and was taken from one of the inscriptions carved in the ceiling of the Banking Hall.

The Banking Hall was used to stage a major part of the exhibition: a series of stories and recollections relating to the Bank. This work was created by Elly Clarke, who made recordings whilst interviewing seventeen former Bank employees. The majority of the recordings took place in Broad Street and at the Bank's Retirement Club. Elly entitled her work HALF CROWNS IN THEIR PETTICOATS - a reference to one of her recordings that recollected the very early days of the Bank.

Photographs showing the recordings being made, and listened to by visitors to the exhibition, are reproduced at Thrift Radiates Happiness. Portraits (also created by Elly Clarke) of the seventeen members of staff are reproduced below.

A total of 59 recordings were featured in Elly's exhibition, and these can be heard individually by clicking on the relevant title below.


                         (Left - Half-Crowns: the pre-decimal coins that were worth one-eighth of a Pound)


Half-Crowns in their Petticoats


Memories recalled by members of the Bank's staff for an exhibition
held in the former Broad Street Head Office in March 2013
In The Beginning .... (m:s)
28 Half-Crowns in their Petticoats David Parkes 01:24
Joining the Bank's staff
01 10-Feet Tall John Ordish 00:28
02 ADDO-X Bob Fernie 00:51
11 Column of Figures John Ordish 01:03
45 School Desks Mary Jones 00:26
The Head Office Building in Broad Street
04 Banisters Margaret Stanley 00:46
14 Curtains Chris Bowcott 00:31
21 One Eye John Ordish 00:39
31 Iron Gates Lynne Wright 00:35
33 Machine Room Eileen Goode & Lynne Wright 00:12
39 Polished Oak Lynne Wright & Eileen Goode 00:42
41 Raised Platform Lynne Wright 00:17
44 Revolving Doors David Parkes 00:23
56 Vacuum System David Parkes 00:32
57 White Tablecloths Eileen Goode 00:29
Bank Staff & Colleagues
05 Blonde Hair Rob Wilden 00:55
09 Clever Blokes Tom Murphy 00:30
10 Continuous Buzz David Parkes 00:33
13 Credit Cards John Ordish 00:39
15 Daphne the Telephonist Eileen Goode 00:16
20 Exams Gilbert Sherbourne 00:45
25 The Frustrated Spinster Margaret & Ray Stanley 01:06
32 Long-legged Jenny Gilbert David & Jeanette Parkes & Gill Price 00:32
35 The Morgue & Prettiest Girls David Parkes 01:41
The Bank's Social Activities
22 Football Ray Stanley 00:45
46 Sherry & Nibbles Lynne Wright & Mary Jones 00:44
51 Big Sweater Margaret Stanley 00:28
52 Table Tennis Graham Capener 00:29
53 Treasure Hunts Tom Murphy 00:29
54 TSB Trophy John Ordish & Graham Capener 00:20
The Bank's Customers
08 Circular Queue Jeanette Parkes 00:26
16 Dead Man Jeanette Parkes 00:53
23 Free Tickets to the Rep Mary Jones, Eileen Goode & Lynne Wright 00:39
26 Glass Eyes Gill Price 00:31
29 Indian Gold John Ordish 00:27
Home Safes & Cash
07 Cash in a Suitcase Ray Stanley 00:46
12 A Couple of Halves Arthur Radburn 01:39
18 Dirty Money Eileen Goode, Lynne Wright & Mary Jones 00:48
27 Guns & Hoards of Cash Lynne Wright 01:00
37 Notes & Coins John Ordish & Chris Bowcott 00:40
Security of Staff and the Bank's Assets
38 Police Whistle David Parkes 00:16
40 Private Car Arthur Radburn 00:29
42 Rastafarians & Irish Ray Stanley 00:58
48 Soiled Notes Eileen Goode 00:33
50 The Stray Cat David Parkes 01:01
58 Wide Counters David Parkes 00:22
Working Practices & "How We Used To Do Things"
03 Aura Chris Bowcott 00:22
06 Bread & Butter Margaret Stanley 00:30
17 Debts John Ordish 00:36
19 Dress Materials Margaret & Ray Stanley 01:09
24 Front Door David & Jeanette Parkes 00:17
30 Interest Charts Eileen Goode 01:01
34 Mahogany Counters Margaret Stanley 00:25
36 Nineteen Shillings & Sixpence Eric Bignell 00:55
43 Red Biro Tom Murphy 01:15
47 The Actual Signature Bob Fernie 01:19
55 Two Counters Lynne Wright & Eileen Goode 00:27
59 Wooden Tills Jeanette Parkes 00:43
49 Sort Codes David Parkes & Rob Wilden 01:47
Arthur Radburn
Bob Fernie
Chris Bowcott
David Parkes
Eileen Goode
Eric Bignell
Gilbert Sherbourne
Gill Price
Graham Capener
Jeanette Parkes
John Ordish
Lynne Wright
Mary Jones
Ray & Margaret Stanley
Rob Wilden
Tom Murphy
ADDO-X machine as
described by Bob Fernie
Head Office banisters as
described by Margaret Stanley
Head Office Iron Gates as
described by Lynne Wright
Police Whistle as
described by David Parkes