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I joined the Bank Staff in January of this year and I spent four weeks in Head Office. After that I moved to my present Branch. The first few months have been very enjoyable; I like the work, the hours and, above all, the air of friendship that surrounds everything.

Down to the serious stuff - eyes down - look in! All the juniors who joined the Staff at about the same time have now started school. We attend and listen, although mostly in the dark about Economics and Book-keeping. Most of us don’t really know why we have to take Economics. We realise it may help us later in life if we want, or can afford, to buy stocks and shares, but we are mystified (at least I am) that we should be allowed to spend our time on a subject that will have no effect on our type of banking. The same, I think, could be said for Banking Practice.

All of us enjoy going to school; it provides a welcome break from work? Since joining the Staff I have found a great belief in the usefulness of the junior, for after all, isn’t the Bank (or any other concern) kept going by the “back-room boys”? I think that if there were no juniors on the Staff there would be a general calamity. Just think, no cups of tea at 9:45am, no cooked chops or potatoes; and who can the Manager turn to if he wants a little errand done? NO ONE!

Whilst at my Branch I have been taught the finer points of Savings Bank Practice. At first I was rather slow to pick things up, but the Manager and Cashier persevered and finally reached the summit; the result was a perfect junior who can do dormants at the bat of an eye-lid, and make the most delicious tea!!??

To sum up, I would like to say that although the Bank has a few faults, it has many good points. It offers young men, like myself, security, a pension and, yes, the pay isn’t too bad for US. In fact, I would not swap for anything else (unless it has a salary of over £1,000 - any offers?)



The Bank as Seen Through the Eyes of a Junior


This ‘Memory’ appeared in the Christmas 1958 staff magazine. Its author was "BILL'S"