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The Husband's Pocket Money


The following article is reproduced from the Birmingham Weekly Post,

dated September 24th 1927; the author is unknown.


Many of the residents of the poorer districts not only regard the Birmingham Municipal Bank officials as the keepers of their money, but expect them to be able to give advice on a thousand and one subjects. I want to have a talk with you, said an investor to a branch manager, who invited the man into the office. There was unfolded a tale of domestic difficulties. My wife, he said, cant understand how it is now that Ive given up the beer that I never have any money. You know why it is. As soon as I get my pocket money I bring it to you, and now it is a decent little sum. I didnt want to tell her what I have been doing with it because I wanted to her have a good holiday the first since we were married. Now the time has come when she must be told, because she is beginning to think I am spending the money in a way I should not. Can you help me?


The manager pondered the matter for a minute, and then asked if the man would like him to tell the wife about the way the money was being saved. Youd be doing me a bit of good if you would, sir, was the grateful reply. Ill do it with pleasure, replied the manager, but dont you say anything to your wife.


He made enquiries about the time the husband and wife were likely to be at home, and arranged with the man that he would call at that time. That evening the manager wrote telling the woman that he wanted to see her and her husband, and that he would call. Next day when the husband returned home he found his wife greatly excited about the letter from the bank. What does it mean, I wonder? she asked her husband. Probably somebodys banked something for you, was the reply.


A little later there was a knock at the door of the house, and there was the bank manager. Invited into the parlour, he explained to husband and wife that money amounting to twenty odd pounds had been invested for them. Well, now, said the woman, thats funny! I was telling my husband about your letter, and he said perhaps someone had invested some money for us. The visitor replied, Perhaps he knew who put it there. Did you? asked the woman. I did. I put it there. Thats the truth, as this gentleman knows, replied the husband, but I wanted him to come and tell you about it, so that you would know I am trying to do better. Then they began to talk business, and the manager, having explained to them some of the facilities offered by the bank, got them to consider the purchase of a house. Since then they have bought a house and have more than half repaid the mortgage.