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Staff Discipline, or Burning the Candle at Both Ends

by Norman Worwood


'G' was always late for work. It was no wonder really, because the Bank's salary was not sufficient for his mode of living and he had a night-time job to boost his income, so was getting very little sleep. Unfortunately, however, as the only other male currently in the branch, he was also by choice the holder of the strongroom keys. His constant lateness had a disturbing effect on me the manager, because until he arrived the branch could not function. Here he was again --- late as usual ---- but horror of horrors! this time he had forgotten the keys altogether. The branch was due to open shortly and there was no alternative but to telephone Head Office to ask for spare keys to be sent out to me, post-haste, whilst the miscreant went home to fetch the originals. Ominously, the General Manager instructed me that 'G' should telephone him as soon as he returned. I understand that their conversation went something like this:


'G' (sensing that matters were about to become rather awkward): "I'd like to resign"
General Manager: "It's too late! You're sacked!"