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Bank Accommodation

by Norman Worwood


Most branches had useful living accommodation above them and I was fortunate enough to be offered a large flat over the Billesley Branch, where I and my family eventually lived for eight years until buying a house of our own. As with many immediate post-War marriages, the couple would return from the honeymoon to 'rooms' in the home of someone else and for one year prior to moving into the Bank flat, we had done just that, so had very little furniture.

Our two rooms were only about half a mile from the newly-acquired flat and although we had few possessions, we had no car, nor in any case would a normal car have been sufficiently large to carry those we did have. Moreover, the Bank did not pay very well, so a commercial contractor was to be avoided if at all possible. My father-in-law, however, was the Superintendent of a Birmingham Corporation Salvage Department Depot. And what did salvage departments have a-plenty? Why! dustcarts! The Bank's then General Manager, Harold Carver, was a rather correct man who lived in Wylde Green, then part of posh Sutton Coldfield, so we had to make sure he did not get any inkling of our strange mode of moving. In the event, our first house-moving went entirely successfully and cost a couple of pints of Ansells for the dustmen. Well, of course the dustcart was cleaned out beforehand - wasn't it?