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Our thanks to Mr Geoff Butler for arranging a very successful and pleasant ramble on Sunday, May 29th. The day was perfect - not too hot.

38 of us met at Head Office to travel by coach to Bewdley where we took coffee. After watching the traffic on the River Severn for a short time we made our way alongside the river to Arley to cross over by ferry to have lunch - and a welcome cup of tea, or something stronger, at the roadside Pub.

From Arley we made our way through the Wyre Forest to Rock for tea and the coach home, arriving back at Head Office at approximately 9pm.

Another one, please, Geoff.

The Toddlers.


Old man weather put on his Sunday best to make the annual (?) ramble a real success. Fishermen on the Severn tore their hair as a 76 footed crocodile in a carefree mood wound its way along the banks from Bewdley to Arley where, after a ferry trip, a welcome halt was made for lunch.

For the afternoon section of the walk, it was decided to break into two groups in order to reduce the risk of anyone being lost in the Wyre Forest. Stragglers can be missed as a certain manager proved as he waved from the quay when the ferry was half-way across the river - no more crafty ice-creams for him I bet.

All emerged safely from the forest and were ready to tuck into tea. The good humour of the party was not dampened by the lettuce (as Mr Whittaker would agree), and a short stop on the homeward journey made us forget this slight upset as we raised our glasses high ----------to the next ramble.


(Owing to the great success of this first ramble, negotiations are taking place in an attempt to form a Bank Rambling Club. Good Luck to this venture - Ed.)




June 15th, 1960 - An outstanding day in the history of the Bank. No, the rate of interest was not raised, nor a five-day week instituted. Far more important - The Birmingham Municipal Bank Rambling Club was formed!!!

This is a Social Club for everyone from the Junior in his first week to the retirement group. All you need - two feet and a sturdy pair of shoes. Most of us are raw novices at walking, so don't worry about walking fantastic distances; in fact, on both rambles to date we took time out for a game of 'rounders' as a very pleasant diversion; if anyone had sore feet before the game there were certainly no complaints after.

To date we can boast twenty-six staunch members and two highly successful rambles. One ramble per month is being arranged.

Our first ramble, led by our Chairman, Eric Bignell, took us from the Lickeys, overland to Walton Hill, Clent, where midst thick gorse a 'rounders' battle took up most of the afternoon with the Persil White Sloggers recoding a narrow win over the Coloured Clouters, thanks mainly to Sheila (Stand-Back) Collins - obviously she practices by swatting flies with a round ruler. We went on to Clent for tea, making a total walking distance of a mere ten miles.

The second ramble, led by Philip Baulcombe was slightly more ambitious, covering thirteen miles; however, without hills the going was easier. The route took us from Sheldon, across fields to Catherine-de-Barnes, then by lanes and field paths to Berkswell for tea. Once again the sporting instinct showed itself when the "Over 22s" challenged the "Unders" to a 'rounders' match, youth once again winning the day. Unfortunately we must have looked a little wilted as the heavens opened on the last mile home, but after the enjoyable time we had had, even that could not dampen our spirits.

Our future programme includes rambles for 11th September and 9th October with the first Annual General Meeting in November - we hope to arrange a Moonlight Ramble in the New Year. Membership fee up to November 1961 is only 5/-. all members being allowed 1/- on each ramble and any other social event we arrange.

For something that's different and if you seek new friends, this is YOUR CHANCE!! Please do not let us hear that old complaint "I cannot go, I don't know anyone" - come along, with a friend if you prefer (outsiders welcomed) and you'll know everyone after one ramble. You'll enjoy yourself, so why not come on the next ramble?

G Butler.





In other words - WE'RE HERE TO STAY

Since I last wrote we have had two more rambles and our first Annual General Meeting. The first ramble took us through the golden autumn glades around Kinver Edge and past the old rock dwelling-houses cut into the cliff faces above the River Stour. A magnificent tea was provided at Kidderminster. Thanks go to Keith and Margaret Mayors for the best ramble yet.

Our second ramble has apparently aroused interest amongst several members of the Staff who want to know "What is a Scrimmage?" A list of twenty-five objects was given to each participant and they were given the freedom of Sutton Park to find as many articles as possible in a given time. Objects required included a coloured picture of the Queen, to-day's date, one ounce of water, leaves, moss, feathers and holly, thus testing initiative and observation. The winners were Miss V Mitchell and Miss H Davis (joint first), Mr P H Baulcombe and Mr E Bignell (equal second). A rounders match and a chicken dinner resulted in a very enjoyable day.

Our first AGM saw a change on the Committee with Mr A Radburn taking over the Chair from Mr E Bignell who preferred to stand down for personal reasons; and Mr D Atkins was elected in place of Mr K N Whittaker who already has more than enough commitments with other committees. My thanks go to both Mr Bignell and Mr Whittaker for the valuable work put into getting the Club on to such a firm footing so soon.

In discussing the future policy of the Club, it was generally agreed to continue rambling throughout the winter, and also to arrange other outside activities for members eg theatre visits, dinner etc. These matters are under consideration and more news will follow later.

Don't forget, if you wish to join in with us, come along on any ramble, there's a welcome for all. Any queries - contact Mr Philip Baulcombe at Yardley Branch or

Geoff Butler,

Hon. Sec.



I hear so often about people who have been to France, Italy or on some other Continental holiday. It's always "Oh, so marvellous". Have you ever been over to Kinver in the Autumn? or walked the Birmingham-Worcester Canal on a summer evening? Why pay half your savings to see something different when, for a few shillings, you can find so many 'different' things just a bus ride from the City Centre?

Rambling is the only way to find these forgotten paths away from it all, away from the noise and bustle of everyday life. More important is the comradeship and friendliness of the Rambling Club make our walks a social gathering, and for me has led to an even wider social outlook in other fields. As for the 'sore feet and aching muscles' that deter people from walking, the pleasure gained far outweighs the aches. Even rain, that cold miserable nuisance that trickles down the neck or batters the window-pane, becomes a fresh and invigorating part of nature.

Why do I go rambling? BECAUSE I ENJOY IT.