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Three Reports by Chris Houghton and Steve Pink on Motoring Club activities in 1975.
[1] From the Spring 1975 edition of CONTACT magazine:

The Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on the 8th January 1975 at the Guild Club. The following were elected to serve on the Committee for 1975:-


Chairman:              D J Parkes

Vice Chairman:     D R Horner

Secretary:              S R Pink

Asst Secretary:     C J Houghton

Treasurer:              S E Wright

J A Cox, R Fernie, T Murphy


Our progress of events for 1975 is, of necessity, not so varied as previous years. With many component factories on a shortened week, we have been forced to cancel arrangements previously made to visit Fort Dunlop and British Leyland's Plant at Longbridge. But if we can't provide variety, let's hope we can promote some enjoyment throughout the latter part of the year.


Two Treasure Hunts are planned, one in the near future and another in the Autumn. These have been very well supported in the past and I know I can rely on you to come along and join in the fun this year.


We have again been invited to enter a team in the R E Gillies Rally, which this year is taking place on Sunday 4th May. We hope to field an unchanged team this year but individual entries are more than welcome, especially from the ladies - so don't hesitate to telephone Steve at Ladywood or myself at Cotteridge for an entry form. After the good all round performance of the team last year - 6th overall - let's hope that we can show them who the BMB are once again.


For the last two years the Club has hired a mini-bus for a week-end during the Summer. These trips have taken us to such places as the Motor Show at Earls Court and Hednesford Hills Raceway. If anyone is in favour of a trip to Brands Hatch or Silverstone this year, we'll be going, so why not join us?


A further note for your diary - Saturday August 16th when we shall be once again be visiting our old friends, Mitchells and Butlers at Cape Hill. Further details of all events will be circulated nearer the dates.


Members of the Staff wishing to join the Club, or anyone requiring details of the Insurance Scheme should contact either Steve or myself.

Weekly visits are made on behalf of members to a discount warehouse - so it's wise to get in touch with us before you buy anything. Last year, we saved members literally hundreds of pounds.


The Car Maintenance classes have proved very popular and are continuing this year.




It is always wise to check oil, water and tyre pressures weekly. Few people will subject their cars to closer scrutiny than this, but listed below are a few things to check before starting your holiday this year, which may save you trouble.


(1)  Windscreen Wipers

Check that they function and that the blades are not worn. Check that the washer bottle is topped up with water and anti-smear solvent and that the nozzles are free from blockage and point to the correct height.

(2) Seat Belts

The webbing of the belts should not be worn or frayed at all. Check that the mounting belts are secure and that the anchor points pivot freely. If they don't, remove and clean them.

(3) Battery

Check that the level of electrolyte is visible. It should be ¼" above the plates. Do not overfill a battery as this weakens the cells. Remember that distilled water evaporates quicker during Summer.

(4) Brakes & Clutch

Make sure that the fluid in the reservoirs is at the recommended level. Do not allow any dirt to get into the cap or the reservoir. Always keep fluid in a moisture-proof container. If moisture from the atmosphere is absorbed it will lower the boiling point and render the fluid useless.

(5) Tyres & Lights

Although you may have checked your tyre pressures, examine tyres more closely for cuts, bulges etc. especially the inner walls. Finally check your lights, brake lights and indicators and always carry a stock of spare bulbs. Remember that it is an offence to drive with defective lights and tyres, and that these two as well as being dangerous, are the most easily noticed.


Happy Motoring,


Chris Houghton.





If you are flying from Elmdon, East Midlands, Luton, Gatwick or Heathrow and don't want to leave your car at the airport read on. Several members have got together and are willing to drive with each other to the airports, bring the car back and collect each other after the holiday in return for similar arrangements. Anyone interested in helping should contact any member of the Motoring Club Committee.


[2] From the Summer 1975 edition of CONTACT magazine:

The Bank entered a team in the R E Gillies Rally on 4th May 1975. The event which started at Blackburn and finished at Bolton covered approximately 150 miles in the Yorkshire Dales. The individual placings were:-


David & Jeanette Parkes                - Ford Cortina 1600 GXL   - 12th

Steve Pink & Chris Houghton         - BLMC Mini Clubman        - 32nd

Brian Godwin & Keith Higgins       - Allegro 1500 Special         - 38th


Over 50 cars started the event and the BMB was placed 7th out of the 13 Banks that took part.


The event was won by Leeds TSB with Liverpool TSB coming second and Sheffield TSB third. The Rally was followed by an enjoyable evening at the Last Drop Motel provided by our hosts, the Liverpool TSB.


A treasure hunt took place on 29th June, organised by Bob Fernie and Steve Wright. The 23 cars covered 33 miles between Knowle and Studley. The results were:-

           1st       Steve Carrick            - 1st Aid Kit

            2nd     Bob Lynex                 - Fire Extinguisher

            3rd      David Parkes           - Vacuum Gauge


On the 16th August there will be a trip to Cape Hill brewery, details of which have been circulated.


During September we are hoping to visit Hednesford Hills Raceway and there will be another treasure hunt in November. Full details will be sent out in due course.


Weekly visits are made on behalf of members to a discount warehouse, so it's wise to get in touch with us before you buy anything in the motoring line. Since we started the scheme, we have saved literally hundreds of pounds on parts, paint, accessories, tools etc.

The car maintenance classes have proved very popular and are continuing this year.


With the ever increasing cost of repairs and service charges, why not tackle the job yourself! All the necessary details are in the workshop manual for your car (available through the Club at only £1.20, a saving of over 50%). A set of good quality tools would cost roughly £20 in the shops - about £9 through the Club. We can supply all the bits and pieces such as oil and air filters, plugs, points etc. except the actual oil.


If anyone's got a Mini, we still have a fair number of parts left over from breaking the Club's Wolsley Hornet.


The Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at the Guild Club, Station Street at 9pm and members are always welcome to come along and air their views.


Happy motoring,


S R Pink,




[3] From the Christmas 1975 edition of CONTACT magazine:


On the 16th August, thirty members of the Club visited Mitchells and Butlers brewery at Cape Hilland I'm sure everyone that went along thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


The R E Gillies Rally will be held on the 4th April 1976 and anyone who would like to try their hand at rallying will be most welcome to join us - the Bank will again enter a team of three cars and individual entrants will be accepted. This time, the event will cover mainly South and Mid-Wales and so at least we will be nearer to home than on previous events. Whilst on the subject of rallying, my thanks to John and Yvonne Lane and Bob Fernie for their excellent work on the RAC.


The weekly visits to the discount warehouse continue to thrive. Members have saved somewhere in the region of four hundred pounds this year alone.


There is still room for several members at the car maintenance classes which are available free of charge. The classes are held in the Moseley area every Tuesday at 7:30pm.


Members who have not renewed their subscriptions should send their form to Bob Fernie at Kings Heath Branch as soon as possible. The subscriptions are the same now as when the club was formed over ten years ago.


The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 21st January at the Guild Club, Station Street at 7:30pm and I look forward to seeing a large turnout of the membership.



There has always been the need for a book designed to give the everyday motorist concise information on Insurance. The Consumers' Association in the December issue of 'Money Which' outline the subject in every detail, if you would like to know how motor insurance works and what you are covered for, why not borrow a copy from your local library.


S R Pink