BMB Motoring Club - 1973
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Report by Steve Pink and Chris Houghton in the Summer 1973 edition of CONTACT magazine:


A sad loss to the Motoring Club has been the resignation of our Chairman, Brian Godwin. Brian was mainly responsible for re-starting the Club, and throughout the last two years has given the benefit of his valuable experience to members. A new Chairman has not yet been elected and it will be difficult for the Club to find someone of his calibre.

The latest addition to the discount purchase scheme has saved nineteen members the sum of £18.21 in the first six weeks of its introduction. Further details may be obtained from any member of the Committee.

Membership is now approaching ninety, and on the 10th June a very good day's entertainment was had, when we visited the Vauxhall Sports Spectacular at Luton.

The R. E. Gillies Trophy Rally between Trustee Savings Banks throughout the country has, unfortunately, been postponed until the 21st October. The team will be the same as the last two years with the exception of Bob Timmins who has been replaced by Steve Wright. Included in the individual entries is Julie Hale, giving the Bank a chance to win the Henstock Ladies Trophy.

On the 15th July Steve Wright organised a Treasure Hunt, which took 24 cars through some very attractive countryside in the Belbroughton area, the results being as follows :-

1st-M. Dalton; 2nd-N. Barlow; 3rd-C. Hooper; 4th-S. Pink

The Booby Prize was won by Roy Scott.

Prizes were a colourtune, map reading light, car cleaning brush, polishing kit and jump leads respectively.

In May, the Club purchased a 1963 Wolseley Hornet. A certain amount of work has already been carried out on the car but its future, as yet, is undecided. Any member interested in learning car maintenance can contact us and hopefully we will be able to give practical instruction.

A visit to Mitchells & Butlers Brewery at Cape Hill has been arranged for the 27th October, further details of this will he circularised nearer the date.

The Committee meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the Guild Club, Station Street. Members are reminded that they may come along at 8.30 p.m. after the meeting to discuss Motoring topics or put forward any suggestions that they may have.


1. Battery. Top up with distilled water until Savings the plates are just covered. Do not over-fill. Clean the battery terminals and smear them lightly with petroleum jelly. Clean the earth connection and check that it is tightly attached. When charging make sure that the battery is topped up. Remember not to use any naked light as gasses given off are explo­sive. Switch off the charger before discon­necting battery.

2. Plugs. Clean oily plugs in white spirit and have them abrasive-blasted by a garage. Wire brushing of plugs is not recommended.

                                                                                     AND REMEMBER

                                                                                              CLUNK, CLICK, EVERY TRIP.


                                                                                                    Happy Motoring.


                                                                                                                Steve Pink

                                                                                                                     Chris Houghton