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Report by Steve Pink (Motoring Club Secretary) in Christmas 1972 edition of CONTACT magazine:


This year's R E Gillies Rally took place on September 3rd and the Bank team did well by taking 6th place. The rally started at Runcorn in Cheshire and took us through the Welsh mountains to Bala and back. The event was won outright by Computer Services, Altrincham for the third year running.

David and Jeanette Parkes in their 1600E must take most of the credit for the Bank's high placing by finishing 12th (no easy task on a semi-professional Rally). Brian Godwin and myself in a Spitfire came in 23rd. Bob Timmins and John Curtis in a MG finished 36th after somehow replacing a broken carburettor spring with a brake pedal return spring.

Our hosts the Liverpool TSB once again gave us an excellent meal afterwards.

The Motoring Club held a Treasure Hunt on September 24th starting at Archers Garage, Shirley. After 50 miles of driving through the countryside, all 19 cars finished at the Fleur de Lys Inn at Lowsonford.

First prize was a battery charger won by Mr S Wright of Balsall Heath Branch. Second and third prizes of car-wash kits went to D Kent and B Coleman respectively and Miss V Halfacre won the ladies prize.

On Saturday, 21st October, the club visited the Motor Show in London in a mini-bus. After the Show we had an enjoyable evening touring the West End before returning. Brian Godwin did an excellent job driving the coach which was appreciated by both the Club Committee and members present. I extend my personal thanks to those present for making the trip such a success.

If any members have any useful tips, don't hesitate in letting me know so that I may pass them on through my column.

Lost ignition key?

To complete the ignition circuit so that the car can be started, run a length of insulated wire from the terminal marked SW on the coil to the non-earth terminal in the battery. If the coil terminals are marked (+) and (-) check which of the battery terminals is earthed, and run the wire from the other terminal to the coil terminal which has the same sign. Start the car by pressing the direct contact switch (normally found on the solenoid).

Blown Fuse?

Domestic fuse wire can be used as temporary replacement (six strands of 5 amp wire serves as a 30 amp fuse) or wrap the blown fuse in a piece of silver paper from a cigarette packet or bar of chocolate.

Overlarge spanner?

If the only spanner available is larger than the nut it is required to undo, slide a screwdriver blade into the space between the nut and the spanner to achieve a better fit.

Frozen door lock?

Warm the key (or lock if possible) with a match or cigarette lighter.

Leaking Radiator?

In an emergency, a handful of oatmeal, a raw egg or a spoonful of dry mustard added to the water may seal a serious leak temporarily, but the radiator must be replaced as soon as possible.

Happy Motoring.

S R Pink

Hon. Secretary