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CONTACT: Autumn 1969


The football season is back and for the Bank football club it means promotion from Intermediate One to Senior Division One, quite a jump and the standard of football is much higher.


At this year's AGM it was decided not to run two teams due to additional expenses and not enough players.


Roger Garner was promoted to team captain, a fine reward to a brilliant full-back who had given over six years' service during which Roger had missed only six or seven games! A record surely, never to be equalled. Clive Brown, our agile goal-keeper is the new vice-captain: to hear him it should be VOICE CAPTAIN!


Player of the year trophy was awarded to Ian Galloway who has scored nearly 100 goals for the BMB since 1963. Photographs were taken and it is hoped to exhibit these in a special football club album to be put on display on the HO notice board.


This year we entered the Nalgo six-a-side competition and , although we failed to qualify - winning one game, losing two - the experience gained will serve us well should we be permitted to enter the competition again.


The playing record to date is confusing as we have beaten crack teams like Kroy FC and Saints, but we have lost to Holbert FC who are not a strong side to speak of. The record however is played 5, won 3, lost 2. Goals scored: 12, goals conceded 5.


Friendlies to be played soon against Cambridge & District TSBFC and a representative side from Frankfurt, Germany. When this edition of 'Contact' is published the games will probably have been played and the lads are certainly eager to win both games. Here's hoping I am given a good report for the Christmas issue of 'Contact'.


Our sincere thanks are extended to the members of the Staff who have joined our Pontoon. Would you like to join? Then please contact our good friend Michael Bourke.


Here's hoping you all had a good holiday.



Hon. Secretary.



CONTACT: Christmas 1969


For a change I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you all to our team, so let's kick-off with our goalie -


Clive Brown, only his second season with the club, he has settled into his new position with the ease of a 'natural'. The Club's vice-captain, Clive often reminds us of a former great goal-keeper - Michael Taylor.



John Boulton, a former Birmingham Boys left back. John always gives his best for the Club. What he might lack in height and build John makes up with his determination and skill; a very good reader of the game. The best right back since Les Webber hung up his boots.



Roger Garner is the only player to make fifty consecutive appearances. Roger is the present club captain and without doubt having his best season for the Club this year. Nothing would please Roger more than for the Club to win an honour this season.



Robert Mutchell is the Bank's only outsider. Bob has been with the Club for the last four seasons and would play in any position for the Club. A very determined half back who can dribble his way out of any difficult position.



Ron Moll is the former Club secretary and captain. Ron is the longest serving centre half on the Club's books. Dominant in the air and on the ground, he has also scored some great goals. One manager once gave a very apt description of this brilliant footballer - "Moll, he's just like a brick wall, he stops everything".



John Mace is in his second season with us. John has been at home in goal or in the forward line. Very tall and tough, this comical lad who can head a ball with all the grace of a professional has a big future with Club.



Ken Foster is another young prospect. Ken has been putting in some brilliant displays of late for us and when he is on form he can beat any of the best full backs in the league. He likes to score goals as well as make them. An opposing player was once heard to say of one of Ken's goals - "I just don't believe it".



Eddy Stokes is in his first season with the Club. Eddy is amazingly tough and quick, although the smallest player in the side, he is without doubt a 'find'. He has scored some good goals, mostly from acute angles. Look out for Eddy in future match reports. A great prospect.



Derek Horner was last season's leading goal scorer, but has been dogged by injury this year. A clumsy left footed football player who prefers high centres on his head. Did you read that, wingers? HIGH BALLS PLEASE! Like Garner and Moll this player has been with the Club since 1962.



David Burke is another new player having his first full season and is nearly always mentioned in all opposition games reports. A truly brilliant player who can centre a ball with deadly accuracy from either foot. A lethal goal scorer, usually scores from long range: A player with a future for the Club.



Ian Galloway -  our player of the year. Ian has scored nearly 100 goals in only six seasons. He was signed up in 1962 for 2/6d at a Head Office Dance and promptly scored over thirty goals in his first season. A great Club man, and Ian is noted for his heading and shooting ability.


There you are lads. You all know my account number (ha-ha!). Seriously though, from all the lads and Club officials we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS. See you at our next game!



The second of the Football Club's friendlies this season was against Frankfurt Football Club of Germany. The prelude to the game itself and the events after the game you may find interesting - so please read on -


The Birmingham Municipal Sports Club approached the Bank Football Club to see if the Bank would care to field a team against the Germans. We readily agreed. knowing that we would also have to field a team that day for our Monday League commitment.


The Saturday before the game, the Club were invited to join his Worship the Lord Mayor at the Council House to help form the reception committee. The Bank was represented by the Club's captain, Roger Garner; vice-captain, Clive Brown; and myself. The guests arrived over an hour late, but not too late to join us for lunch at which the Lord Mayor made a welcoming speech. After the meal the whole party were taken by coach to St Andrew's to see the Blues (naturally) defeat Blackburn Rovers.


The following day after exchanging pennants the Bank lines up to play our visitors. The game started at a fast pace and a fine goal from Michael Rippin put the Bank ahead, so the score stayed until shortly before half time when the Germans equalised. The second half started even keener and goals came fast. Firstly Michael Rippin then Derek Horner put the Bank 3-1 ahead with only twenty minutes to go. Our opponents then scored two very good goals - one of them an incredible shot from 25 yards. There the game finished 3-3, a fair result to both teams who were amazingly identical with their ability, skill and enthusiasm.


After the game both teams washed and changed before going to the Good Companions for dinner. During the meal the visitors gave badges and tie pins to all the Birmingham players as mementoes of the game.


During their stay, the visitors were treated to a guided tour of Birmingham - twin city to Frankfurt. hey were accommodated at a training centre in Rednal. The German spokesman, before wishing a final farewell, invited our team to Germany next year. What an experience that would be!


The Bank team was as follows:-

C Brown, C Mace, A Woodbridge, T Byrne, R Moll, M Rippin, D Burke, E Stokes, D Horner, G Bowden, S Jones with substitute T Hinz.


Goal Scorers were M Rippin 2; D Horner 1


CONTACT: Spring 1970


The first of our good news for this edition of CONTACT is that the Bank has reached the quarter-finals of the W H Rogers Memorial Cup. In this round the Bank has been drawn away to either Radiation or Adderley. Should the Bank reach the semi-finals, then this will be a fine achievement for the players and the Club. The final for this competition, incidentally, is sometimes played at Villa Park or St Andrews.


The next piece of good news is the transfer of goalkeeper Mike Reed from Harborne FC to the Bank. Michael is only the second transfer in the Club's history. Ian Galloway was the first. Transfer fees are fixed by the League. Therefore, no fee was involved, only 2/- for registration expenses etc. Already Michael (Mick to the lads) has settled in well and given brilliant service with some first class goalkeeping. Welcome to the Club Mick!


Our record of games to date is still impressive although we have missed promotion we can reflect that the standard of soccer has been higher and that the Bank have done well to keep in the top half of the league table.


Playing Record to date:

           Played 19 games                 Goals for: 51                        Goals against: 33


Goal Scorers:

            M Mutchell               11

            D R Horner                 8

            R Moll                          6

            E Stokes                     6

            D Burke                      6

            K Foster                      4

            D Mutchell                  4

            J Mace                        2

            Own Goals                 2

            R Mutchell                  1

            P Cartwright               1


The idea of two teams for next season has yet to be decided and the matter brought before the Annual General Meeting. If you would like to play for the Bank next season please send me your name, Branch, and the position you play.


I had hoped to prepare an album of the Club and a brief of the Club's history for the coming AGM, but this will have to be done later in the year.


The season will probably be over when this page is published so I would like to extend sincere thanks to all supporters for attending our games. Also a big 'thank you' to members of Staff who have joined the Club Pontoon, and on behalf of us all connected with the Club 'thank you'!


D R Horner

Hon Secretary

(Small Heath branch)



CONTACT: Summer 1970


Our season is of course now over and once again I am pleased to report that the BMB continue to improve. This season with our good cup run we have played more games and won more games than before.


Last season we finished third in the League and reached the semi-finals of the famous W H Rogers Cup, a very fine achievement by the club. At the recent presentation dinner, Roger Garner and I knew just how Leeds must feel being involved in all the competitions and winning nothing.


Looking to 1970-1971, we have decided on change and it seems that the Bank may join the Sunday South Birmingham League. This League is very good and well managed, and it is also very popular with all Clubs.


Members of the Staff who wish to play for the Bank next season, and who did not attend our Annual General Meeting, please contact me immediately.


On behalf of all the lads I should like to thank everyone for their support, with our pontoon and also for your support on the field. Hoping that you have had, or will have, a nice holiday.


Playing record season 1969/1970:

 Played   24 
 Won  13
 Lost    7
 Drawn    4
 Goals for  73
 Goals against  49
Goal Scorers:
 M Mutchell
 K Foster
 D Horner
 R Moll
 E Stokes
 D Burke
 J Mace
 D Mutchell
 I Galloway
 R Mutchell
 P Cartwright
 Own Goals

Result of final games


BMB 3            (Galloway, Horner, Foster)

Harborne 1


BMB 1            (Foster)

Iberia 1



D R Horner

Hon Secretary