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CONTACT No 24 - Spring 1961




In the Inter-Departmental Knock-Out Tournament for the trophy "The Silver Rook", the Bank team has battled its way to the final and is now engaged in the difficult task of fixing a venue with the Town Clerks Department for the final match to be played.


In fairness it should be pointed out that the battle to the final has entailed playing only one match. This was against the Gas Department and our team, Messrs R Weaver, K Parkes, H Powell and R Wozencroft, won the match two games to one, the last board being discounted.


The team is now in strict training spending much time in silent meditation interspersed with shouts to the junior of "I've got another cheque, mate".

CONTACT No 25 - Summer 1961


CHESS by Ruy Lopez


The Final of the Inter-Departmental Chess Tournament was played on Wednesday, May 24th. Our opponents were the Town Clerks Department and the match was played at the Council House.


Mr Roy Wozencroft, the fourth member of the team who were successful against the Gas Department in the semi-final, was not available for this match, we were fortunate, however, to obtain the services of that man of many parts, Mr John Cox, to take his place.

At 6:40pm, the games were started, the players being paired off as follows:


                                   Town Clerks                         Bank


Board 1                     Mr Jenkins                 v         Mr Weaver

Board 2                     Mr Ramdges             v         Mr Parkes

Board 3                     Mr Kinder                   v         Mr Powell

Board 4                     Mr Jones                    v         Mr Cox


The first game to finish was on Board 2 where that cavalier of the chess-board, Keith Parkes, after playing himself into a winning position, surprised himself by losing. He is probably still holding his head and crying, "I should have won".


The three remaining players battled on and Roy Weaver, forcing a position of perpetual check, contented himself with a draw; against a player of the calibre of Mr Jenkins, a draw is a commendable achievement. In order to win the match we now had to win the two remaining games.


At 10:35pm it was decided that play could continue no longer, and we split into two groups round Boards 3 & 4 for the 'post mortem', a gallant attempt by John Cox to convince our opponents that victory was within his grasp, was quickly discounted. There being no immediate advantage to our players in either of the games, we could not reasonably claim a win on both. We decided, therefore, to concede a draw on each making the result - Town Clerks 2˝, Bank 1˝. We were so close to that "Silver Rook", perhaps we'll catch it next time.


The fixtures were all arranged by Mr Norman Worwood who attended all our matches in the role of spectator. Thank you, Norman, for the considerable 'backroom' work and for your moral support and encouragement.



CONTACT No 28 - Spring 1962


CHESS CLUB by Howard Powell


The Chess Club have made their annual take-over bid for the Silver Rook Trophy in the Inter-departmental Knockout Competition. We dispensed with the Public Health Department in our first match and were then drawn to play the Town Clerks Department in the semi-final.


The usual quartet was changed because Roy Weaver was unavoidably detained and his place was taken at a moment's notice by Norman Worwood at Board 2. Probably awed by the occasion Norman got into difficulties and was forced to resign. Mr Powell took four hours before forcing a resignation from his opponent, and Roy Wozencroft drew on Board 4.


After battling royally for over four hours, Keith Parkes was very narrowly beaten on Board 1. Next year we'll do it ! ! !