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Autumn 1955: The members of this Society have enjoyed in full this magnificent Summer.
We have played a number of very pleasant matches, from which we have limped back “licked” but not laid low. And always we have held our own at the 19th.
The semi-finalists for the President’s Cup (Knock-out competition) were K Robottom v L A Wright, and L Evans v H A Turner (Holder).
The first match was played at Streetly and was inconclusive. They were all square after 20 holes. The replay is at Gay Hill.
The second match at Kings Norton was won by H A Turner.
It is hoped that the final will take place at Walmley on 12th September, when the Society holds its final event for the Season, a Medal Competition.
We hope for a 100% entry.
After the golf a Supper will be held, to which other members of the Staff are invited. The catering at Walmley has a very good name. The evening will conclude with the presentation of prizes, if possible, by the President.
Enquiries to K Robottom (Aston Branch).
Christmas 1955: Following the Medal Competition, the Society’s Annual Dinner was held this year at Walmley Golf Club.

An excellent meal was followed by presentation of the prizes by the President (H Carver, Esq)

President’s Cup - H A Turner (3rd year running)

Medal Competition:

           1 R N Wilcox                        91-18  73

            2 W K Robottom                 83-9     74

           3 J A Duff                             86-10  76

An enjoyable evening concluded with some light reminiscing by the President, members and visitors - Mr Parsonage and Mr Ling.



Spring 1956: Even golf, the supreme all-weather out-door game, has suffered from the recent Arctic weather. But a resumption will soon be made, and amid groans and creaks an attempt made to recapture a rhythmic swing.

The Season’s Programme is well in hand. Matches have been arranged against the Midland Bank, Lloyds Bank, and other Golfing Societies.

The new Captain is Mr L A Wright. May he inspire us to greater success.



Summer 1956: During May the members of the Bank Golfing Society were the opponents and guests of the Midland Bank GS amidst the lush surroundings of Moor Hall. The loss of the match was more than compensated by the dinner given by our hosts whom we look forward to entertaining next year.

The usual hearty and sociable game at Gay Hill against the Transport Department was also lost, but a very pleasurable win was recorded at Handsworth against the Civil Service, some of whom proved to be worthy and dour performers afterwards on the “Green Cloth”. (Alas! Some of us were very late getting home).

We are still more than ready to welcome new members for as yet it is still the old guard who are carrying the flag.

In Passing

One of the usual Wednesday Afternoon four-ball was about to play his shot by a road boundary fence when he saw a funeral approaching. He dropped his club, removed his cap and stood with bowed head while the large cortege slowly passed.

His irate partner came over and asked him why he was holding up the game to which he replied:

“The funeral, old man. You must remember we had been married nearly forty years”.


Autumn 1956:  In July Lloyds Bank Golfing Society were our guests at Moseley, a very enjoyable time being had by all, and we extend our hearty thanks to that Club for the excellent meal provided.

The time for evening play is rapidly shortening so will those who have not played their cup rounds do so as soon as possible to ensure that the final be played in early September.

Following the suggestion made last year by our President, H Carver, Esq, the Annual Medal round will be played on the beautiful Wrekin Golf Course on a Sunday in September (particulars will be circulated in the next few days). Do let us have a good rally for this high spot event, as transport will be laid on for all those lucky enough not to own a car.


Christmas 1956: The Annual Golf competition was held this year at the Wrekin Golf Club, on Sunday, September 16th.

The course is situated on the wooded slopes of the Wrekin and whilst the first three holes are somewhat of a climb, when once “en haut” and normal breathing is resumed, it is felt that the journey has been well worth while.

A 12 Hole Medal Competition was held in the morning resulting in a tie between L A Wright and W K Robottom.

In the afternoon from 2:30 till sundown, battle was enjoined between the Captain’s Team and the Secretary’s Team, with both sides emerging victorious!

                       Captain’s Team                                                       Secretary’s Team

                       L A Wright (Capt.)                                                    R N Wilcox

                       & H A Turner             1                                             & D Wright                 0


                       J A Duff                                                                    H Carver

                       & H G Payne             0                                             & F H Whitehouse   1


                       R T Piper                                                                  N Alsop

                       & S Gregory              1                                             & R Gregory              0


                       L F Evans                  0                                            W K Robottom          1         

                                                         __                                                                              __

                                                           2                                                                                 2

                                                         __                                                                              __

After tea had been taken the President, Mr Carver, presented the prizes and a very enjoyable day was almost over. Any further proceedings were unofficial and “off the record”.

The President’s Cup (Match play competition) was again won by H A Turner, but only after some exceedingly tough matches. In particular the semi-final at Kings Norton was lost by W K Robottom on the last green to the last putt. A great battle.



Spring 1957: Annual Meeting, January 30th 1957, held at Hope and Anchor Restaurant following the Annual Dinner.

The Chair was taken by Mr L A Wright, Captain. Thanks were expressed to the retiring President, Mr H Carver (who was unable to attend and had sent apologies) for services he had rendered to the Society since its inception.

The Secretary announced apologies also from Messrs. Sutherland, Buxton, Whitehead, and Thomas.

President: Mr H A Turner proposed and Mr L F Evans seconded that Mr H J Sutherland be President for the ensuing year - Carried unanimously.

Captain: The retiring Captain, Mr L A Wright, said he had much pleasure in proposing Mr H G Payne as his successor. This was seconded by Mr J A Duff and carried unanimously, with acclamation.

Secretary: Mr W K Robottom, who had been Secretary since the formation of the Society on Jan. 22nd 1953 said that he had always had the opinion that this office should go round and that the time had now arrived when that could take place, and he had much pleasure in proposing Mr J A Duff as his successor. Mr H A Turner seconded, and Mr J A Duff was unanimously elected Secretary.

Mr Robottom was thanked for all the work he had done in forming the Society and then acting as Secretary for the four ensuing years.

Committee: Mr S F Jones proposed, and Mr N Wilcox seconded that Messrs. Robottom, Turner and Wright be elected en bloc to the Committee; carried unanimously.

It was a pleasure to welcome once again Mr Parsonage and Mr Ling, who represented and spoke on behalf of the Cricket and Bowling Clubs. Their continued support is much appreciated.

Other visitors, among whom was our old friend, Mr Harper, were also welcomed. Mr Harper entertained us at the piano and the rest of the evening was quite informal: a friendly natter, a story or two and, of course, an occasional sup.

WKR and JD


Summer 1957: The First Match of the Season was played at Gay Hill against City Transport and the Bank lost 3-2. Neville Alsop was persuaded to play in this - his first match - and celebrated his selection by winning (with the aid of his partner) by 8 and 7. The Secretary and his partner - your Editor - ran into something rather warm (they do find them!) when one of the opposition, a new member of the Transport Team by name of Pat Cassidy went round in 75. This young man justified all the nice things said about his golf by taking the prize for the best gross score in the Guild Trophy.

The Guild Trophy was won by the Police, the Bank Team finishing eighth.

The Match against the Civil Service was played at Handsworth on 4th June and resulted in a tie.

Only one result to hand in the President’s Cup. Once again this is N Alsop who is now through to the third round. Get cracking while the weather lasts.

City Transport have asked for another fixture, and the Secretary is trying to arrange this for 8th August at Gay Hill again. Another has been arranged against the Water Department on 20th August at Kings Norton.

J A Duff,

Hon. Secretary


Autumn 1957: This season’s Matches have now been completed. The match against Lloyds Bank at Streetly resulted in a win (the first) for the BMB by 5-1. The Secretary and Captain who played a real Captain’s part won by 6 and 5. Lloyds were hosts on this occasion and entertained us very well indeed. We were honoured by a visit from the President who stayed to supper, and Mr West, who was Secretary of Lloyds GS for many years and who has been ill. It was nice to see him looking so well.

We were quickly brought back to earth and normal size in hats when we entertained the Midland Bank at Moseley where the course was playing very well and an excellent meal was provided by the steward. We lost 5-0. Don’t mention the greens to the secretary!

The last match was against the Water department at Gay Hill and resulted in a win for Water by 3-1 with two halves. In one of the latter it was reported that N Alsop missed “one” on the eighteenth no longer than a cigar for a win. Mr Carver and the Secretary were partners and were the Bank’s winners. Mr Carver who was looking younger than ever was in very good form both on the course and at the natter later over beer and sandwiches.

Good progress is being made towards the final of the President’s Cup. Congratulations to T A E Wilner who, playing his third game in three years, defeated R T Piper. Keep it up Bert!

The Annual Medal competition has been arranged for Sunday, 22nd September on the lovely course of the Worcester Golf & Country Club. Details to Members later.

J A Duff

Hon. Secretary


Christmas 1957: First: Apologies to my old friend Ted Viney, whose welcome visit to the match against the Water Department was omitted from my last notes. Very sorry Ted; it was a pleasure to have you with us and I am looking forward to the next time.

Another season has ended with only one high spot which, of course, was the 5-1 win over Lloyds Bank. The other matches, apart from the one against the Midland bank, all produces some very keen games and some very near “Misses”. They were all very enjoyable and some keen finishing was seen at the nineteenth. Some of the newer and younger members did very well, and with, perhaps, some new members (I hear that Tony Green and Keith Haslam are keen novices) we can look to next year with confidence.

The Annual Medal competition was held at Worcester Golf & Country Club and resulted as follows:

           N Wilcox                               89 less 18                  71

           F H Whitehouse                    92 less 18                  74

           H Carver                               97 less 20                  77

The weather was shocking when we left Brum, but cleared soon after arrival and we played eight holes before lunch. After lunch the weather was perfect and the course in lovely condition so we only had ourselves to blame for the bad cards. After tea the Captain congratulated the winners and presented the prizes. The usual session at the nineteenth completed a very pleasant day.

Another name will at last appear on the President’s Cup. I managed to catch H A Turner on an off day and just got home. The final against Bert Wilner was a bit of ante-climax as the score 9 and 7 indicates. Bert had only played one match prior to the final whereas I had played every round. Some lack of enthusiasm somewhere but it was like old times to have Bert making a come-back and we had a pleasant day at Kings Norton.

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

J A Duff,

Hon. Secretary


Autumn 1958: The Match Fixtures for this year have been completed: Matches having been played against Lloyds Bank, Midland Bank, and Civil Service Golfing Societies, and Public Health, Transport and Water departments. Success was denied us this year: a tie with the Water being our best effort.

A Team was entered for the Guild Trophy and the four best cards - H E Whitehead 84-14-70; L Evans 95-20-75; J A Duff 86-10-76 and R T Piper 101-24-77 gained fourth place from an entry of ten.

The Annual Medal Competition was held at Hawkstone Park Hotel and Golf Club on Sunday, 7th September, and the weather being kind for once, a most delightful day was spent. This is a lovely course set amid magnificent scenery and despite the course being on the heavy side, the 17 members and guests who attended thoroughly enjoyed the visit. A special welcome was accorded to the three ladies: Mrs Hale, Mrs Robottom and Miss E Jones. Owing to congestion a match was arranged in place of the Medal, and in this the Captain’s team beat the Secretary’s 3½ - 1½.

One or two members have been very laggardly in arranging their matches for the President’s Cup, but progress has been made and the winner should soon be known.


Hon. Secy.


Summer 1959: The first match of the season at Kings Norton on Wednesday, 12th May 1959 against the Public Health Department resulted in a victory of 3 games to 2, a very creditable performance and an encouraging start to our short season.

The results were:


CARVER & WILCOX lost to KER & APSLEY - 1 down



PAYNE & TURNER, M beat AVES & THOMAS - 5 & 3

It was particularly pleasing not only to have two retired members playing, but to have younger members of the Staff taking part, and thanks are extended to N ALSOP, who after making the long journey from Tower Hill, could not participate owing to the Public Health Department being unable to muster sufficient number of players to make six matches.



Autumn 1959: The programme for the Summer is now completed except for the Sunday Medal Competition. The results after the encouraging start against the Public Health Department have been disappointing, but as the Public Health Department won the Guild trophy our win against them mentioned in the last issue of “NEWS LETTER” seems all the more satisfactory.

Match results are:

TUESDAY     An enjoyable match against the Midland Bank at Kings Norton -

9th June                   Result 4 games lost and one halved.


TUESDAY     Against the Civil Service at Handsworth.

16th June                 Result 4 games lost and one won.


THURSDAY  GUILD TROPHY - This was the bright spot of the whole season.

2nd July                    The trophy was won by the Public Health Department for the

                                   first time since the inception of the Competition with 288 strokes.

                                   The MEB were second with 302 strokes, and the Bank third with

                                   303 made up by Whitehead’s 73, Piper 76, Duff 76 and

                                   Robottom 78. Our congratulations to the Public Health


THURSDAY  Against Lloyds Bank at Sandwell Park - Result 4 games lost to 2

9th July                     halves. This match was a lot closer than the actual result

                                   appears the two Matches halved were only lost by missed putts. An enjoyable evening.


MONDAY                 Against the Transport Department at North Worcester. The Transport

13th July                   proved altogether too strong for the Bank. Result 3 games lost to 1 won.


THURSDAY  Against the Water Department at Harborne. As generally happens in this

13th August               match the rains came and with the Bank in a very strong position the

                                   Players retired from the Course in a soaked condition. No result.


The captain, L F Evans, wishes to thank all players for their able support this season and particularly “Tim” Price whose record is the best.


Christmas 1959: On Sunday, 27th September 1959, twelve members of the Society turned up at the Beaufort Golf Club; after having a very nice lunch, they played around the course in a Medal Competition which was won by Mr H G Payne with a best net score of 77. Mr H A Turner had the best gross score of 87. Messrs. W K Robottom, J A Duff and N Wilcox tied for second place with net 80.

After play an excellent supper was provided and the players sampled the other amenities of the Club, including the “Fruit” machine. The report would be incomplete without mentioning one spectator, Mr Keith Haslam, whom we are glad to see is making good progress after his accident.

This seemed to have been Mr “Geoff” Payne’s season for he has won the President’s Cup. Since the institution of the Cup competition, it has always fallen to the lot of Mrs Turner to keep the Cup polished, we hope that she now has a well-deserved rest, at the same time we do congratulate Mr Payne on his victory.



Spring 1960: The annual dinner of the Bank Golfing Society was held at the White Horse Hotel, Congreve Street, on Saturday, 20th February 1960.

This function has greatly increased in popularity since its inception and a record number attended. Among those present were the President and his wife, Mr & Mrs H J Sutherland, Mr & Mrs F W Parsonage and Mr & Mrs A N Ling. The President stated that he hoped to be able to take part in some of the matches during the forthcoming season.

Apologies were announced by the Secretary, Mr J A Duff.

Mr H A Turner proposed the toast to the visitors according them a very hearty welcome, Mr F W Parsonage responded in his usual humorous manner.

The Secretary presented his report for 1959.

In accordance with a now established custom, the officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows:

            President - Mr H J Sutherland

           Captain - Mr L F Evans

            Secretary - Mr J A Duff

           Committee - re-elected en bloc

The Captain then presented the President’s Cup to Mr H G Payne, stating that it was a well deserved honour in view of Mr Payne’s very successful season. Mr Payne suitably responded, particularly thanking Mr Duff for having disposed of Mr Turner on his way to the final.

Mention must be made of the Ladies from whom there is strong support, all the Ladies are welcome and this section of the Society is increasing in strength, this year the Ladies are entering the “Knock-out” competition for the President’s Cup for the first time - Particulars of which will shortly be circulated to all branches.

Ending on a personal note, I must thank Mr Powell, the Editor of this excellent staff magazine, for publishing the reports of the Society.



(Sincere thanks for your co-operation and kind remarks - Ed.)