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Following its formation in 1953, the Bank's Golfing Society had an annual programme that included a Knock-out Competition (for the President's Cup - see below) that was open to all members of staff, a Medal Competition for Society members (see below), and a series of matches against opponents that included other Corporation Departments and other banks. The following table provides examples of some of the annual programmes:
 1955  May 10  Health Department  Kings Norton  H Carver  H A Turner  W K Robottom
   June 2  Midland Bank  Moseley      
   June 28  Civil Service  Handsworth      
   July 5  Lloyds Bank  Walmley      
   September 12  Annual Medal Competition  Walmley      
 1956  May 8  Midland Bank  Moor Hall  H Carver  L A Wright  W K Robottom
   May 15  Transport Department   Gay Hill      
   May 24  Civil Service  Handsworth      
   June 26  Health Department  Kings Norton      
   July 9  Lloyds Bank  Moseley      
   September 16  Annual Medal Competition  Wrekin      
 1958  April 29  Midland Bank  Harborne  H J Sutherland  R T Piper  J A Duff
   May 6  Public Health Department   Kings Norton      
   June 3  Lloyds Bank  Streetly      
   June 19  Civil Service  Handsworth      
   July 10  Transport Department  Gay Hill      
   August 12  Water Department  North Worcester      
 1964  May 5  Post Office Telephones  Rose Hill      A Green
   May 12  Water Department  Kings Norton      
   May 26  Public Health  Harborne      
   June 9  Lloyds Bank  Streetly      
   July 13  City Transport  Kings Norton      
   August 11  Public Works  Handsworth      
   September 1  Post Office Telephones  Kings Norton      
 1966  May 24  Public Health   Kings Norton      A Green
   June 14  Lloyds Bank  Kings Norton      
   June 16  Guild Trophy  Gay Hill      
   June 28  GPO Services  Rose Hill      
   July 7  Public Health  Harborne      
   July 12  GPO Services  Kings Norton      
   August 2  Fire Brigade  Kings Norton      
 1967  May 23  Public Health  Kings Norton      A Green
   June 20  Guild Trophy  Kings Norton      
   June 28  Lloyds Bank  Sandwell Park      
   July 25  GPO Services  Kings Norton      
   August 6  National Provincial Bank  Kings Norton      
   September 24  Annual Medal Competition  Broadway