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The pontoon was a great succees, and the Pontoon Committee issued a circular (see below) on March 22nd 1968 containing the following paragraph:
We are now approaching the end of the second year of the Pontoon. The success of this venture has been outstanding. A project which was intended to raise not more than 50 a season is already realising over three times this amount. After meeting its primary consideration, the expenses of the Football Club, the Pontoon Committee have financially aided the other sporting organizations of the Bank.
The results of pontoons were circulated to staff (right & below).
The circular reproduced below (conserved by David Archer) was the last one issued for season 1967/68 and details how the Club's FA Cup Final tickets were utilised. Derek Horner would have seen West Bromwich Albion beating Everton 1-0 (aet) - scorer: Jeff Astle