Staff Association
CONTACT: Autumn 1961
Miss Norah K Pogson
The Autumn 1961 edition of the staff magazine recorded the death in service of Norah Pogson. Miss Pogson was one of the three Lady Branch Managers appointed to that position at the end of the Second World War; she completed Part I of the examinations of the Institute of Bankers in 1929, and at the date of her death was in charge of Ladywood branch

The staff were deeply grieved to learn of the death, on the 20th August, of Miss Pogson.


Norah, as she was known to so many of her colleagues, joined the staff in 1922 and was one of the few who in the early days worked for long hours and under difficult conditions to lay the foundations on which the Bank has so firmly stood.


Her kindly and generous nature, coupled with a keen sense of humour, endeared her to her colleagues and won from the many depositors with whom she came into contact a high regard.


During the War when, owing to lack of man power, she and other lady members of the Staff were called upon to take charge of Branches, she gallantly shouldered the responsibility and, when hostilities ceased, was one of the three asked by the Committee of Management to continue in such a responsible position.


Norah was always ready to help anyone in difficulty and kept in close touch with members of the Staff. She had great courage and bore with fortitude the pain and discomfort of her illness, speaking only of the care and attention of the people who ministered to her.


The General Manager, with representatives from Head Office and Branches, attended the funeral service. Many others would have liked to have been present but were prevented by the exigencies of the Bank. It was noteworthy too that among the congregation were many former members of the Staff.


In the death of Miss Pogson the Bank has lost a loyal and conscientious employee and very many of the Staff, past and present, a dearly loved friend.


M. McL.