Staff Association
CONTACT: Summer 1960
Patrick J ("Mac") McQuaid
An article in the Summer 1960 edition of the staff magazine records the death of the Bank's former commissionaire. Further details of "Mac's" life and careers can be found at Image-015, and an example of a CONTACT cover drawn by him is at Staff Magazines

We were all grieved to hear of the death of Mr. P.J. McQuaid on May 26th., so soon, it seemed to us, after his retirement.


"Mac" as he was known both to the Staff and to numerous depositors, served in the Royal Navy for many years, attaining the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He came to the Bank in 1933 when the present Head Office was opened.   He was recalled to the Navy in 1939 and returned to the Bank after the War.


The Bank had found the ideal man for the post of commissionaire at the imposing new Head Office, for "Mac" was always smartly turned out, always had a friendly smile for staff and public, and was always ready to help. Many who visited the Bank on business never left without having a little chat with him, and his cheerful and kindly nature was often in evidence when he could be seen assisting the older folk. The manner in which he kept young children quiet and entertained whilst their parents transacted their business had to be seen to be fully appreciated. It was this natural kindness to children which made him the ideal Santa Claus at the annual children's party.


"Mac" was a man of many parts and he had a great sense of humour. Many an event in the office brought forth a cartoon which was ably drawn and painted the humour of the situation most vividly. He was also a talented wood-carver.


His service training and his abounding common sense made him good at his job; it was his kindly nature,unassuming sense of humour and willingness to help all with whom he came in contact which made him outstanding. He was a great asset to the Bank.


Our thoughts are with Mrs. McQuaid and the family in their great loss.