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CONTACT: Christmas 1974
The car maintenance classes have started and are proving to be a big success; we've had to split the group into two classes to accommodate everyone. If you're interested and haven't enrolled, Mr. Brian Godwin is the person to contact.

The first weekend in August saw two coach trips. The first was a mystery tour of North Birmingham (I didn't realise there were so many pubs). The second was a trip to Hednesford Hills Raceway where we saw not only excellent Hot Rod racing but also The Red Devil's stunt team demonstrating figure of eight racing.

On Sunday, 18th August we held a Treasure Hunt covering twenty five miles in the Studley area. The route started at the Man on the Moon public house and ended at The Bell, Alcester. Despite the drizzle there was a fantastic turnout and we thank you all for coming along. The winners were David Parkes and Brian Godwin who are always favourites on this type of event. The results were:

    1st  David Parkes
    2nd  Ian Rippin
    3rd  John Cox
    4th  Beryl Hirons (also Ladies Prize)
During October, Keith Douglas the motor racing commentator, came along to Head Office and gave a film show and lecture on all forms of motor sport. It was an excellent evening marred only by the poor attendance by members.

The car quiz in the last edition was won by Rob Edkins whose answers were 100 per cent accurate. The Lamborghini will be presented to Rob by Miss Lower Wapping under Stour as soon as the Club funds permit.

On the 20th October, the Bank entered a team in the R.E. Gillies Trophy Rally for the fourth year running. The route started at Neston, Wirral and after journeying through Wales finished at the Lord Daresbury Motel, Runcorn where our hosts the Liverpool TSB provided an excellent evening. This year we reached our highest position so far; the team came sixth out of thirteen. For the fourth year running the Trophy was won by Computer Services, Altrincham. The Bank team results were as follows:

    17th  Chris Houghton/Steve Pink
                              Vauxhall Viva
    21st  Brian Godwin/Paul Burrows
                             Austin Allegro
    29th  David and Jeanette Parkes
                             Ford Cortina XL

Quite impressive results when you consider that there were over fifty entrants who finished. This year was also the first year that we actually came away with a Trophy. Steve Pink was presented with the Best Navigator's Award by Sheila Jones, Miss TSB 1974.

Members of the Motoring Club are always welcome to come along to our Club evenings and put forward any suggestions they may have. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 8 p.m. at the Guild Club, Station Street.
The best insurance against expensive repair bills or an inconvenient breakdown is regular preventative car maintenance. But there are a number of points that should be checked every week between your services:

    1. Windscreen Wipers: Check that they are working and examine the rubber which should be springy on both blades. If your wipers squeak, use a water-repellent lubricant to oil the shaft.

    2. Brake and Clutch Fluid: Check the level. Remember, if the fluid is left exposed to the air it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere which will lower its boiling point and render it useless.

    3. Radiator: Check the level only when the engine is cool. If the cap is removed when the engine is hot you could be scalded as the pressure forces the water out. Don't forget to add anti-freeze around October /November each year.

    4. Battery Level: Use distilled water to top up the cells to about a quarter inch above the plates. Only fill the holes that need filling.

    5. Engine Oil: Check the level when the car is parked on level ground to avoid a false reading. Generally it takes two pints to raise the level from minimum to maximum.

     6. Petrol: Checking the level on the fuel gauge may seem obvious but a good many motorists get stranded through an empty tank. If the level is allowed to fall too low, sediment and deposits in the tank may become sucked into the fuel line causing a complete blockage. Always try to keep your tank quarter-full.

    7. Battery Case and Fittings: Make sure there are no cracks in the battery case and check that the Earth strap is secure. The battery leads should be rubbed with fine emery cloth and covered with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

    8. Lights: Check all the lights and indicators and try to carry a spare bulb in each size - Remember if one fails you are breaking the law.

    9. Tyres: Keep your tyres properly inflated. Although the legal minimum amount of tread is 1 mm it is dangerous to drive at anything less than 2 mm.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held in January and we look forward to seeing as many of our members as possible. Do you feel you could be of any help to the Club? If so, you'll be made most welcome.
Happy Motoring,
Steve Pink and Chris Houghton

Sheila Jones, Miss TSB 1974, presenting
Steve Pink with the
Best Navigator Award