Staff Association
Issues & Editors
The Bank's staff magazine was initially entitled News Letter, with Harold Turner as its editor for eleven editions up to Christmas 1957. Harold was succeeded by Howard Powell, and in September 1959, the magazine was renamed CONTACT.
The following tables list the known details of issued magazines:

    (1)  Copies of these magazines are held in the Archives Section of the Library of Birmingham

    (2)  Copies of these magazines are held by the creator of this Website

    (3)  Many magazines had quoted Issue Numbers,
                       but the 'Christmas 1962' edition appears to have escaped the sequence

    (4)  The date of transition of editorship between Joan Bourke, Eddie Yates, Roger Parker,
                       and Steve Pink is not known
    (5)  A special edition of CONTACT was issued to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Staff Association
    (6)  A special edition was issued following the death of the Bank's General Manager: J W Raftery
Staff Magazines
Cover to Magazine No 3 by
Patrick McQuaid ("Mac")
Cover to Magazine No 19 by
Margaret Stanley ("Inky")
Cover to Magazine No 20 by
Margaret Stanley ("Inky")
Cover to Magazine No 78 (Christmas 1974)
Cover to an extra 1972 'Special Edition' Magazine celebrating the
Staff Association's Silver Jubilee
(Editor: Eddie Yates)