BMB Golfing Society
Of the various sporting activities enjoyed by the staff as part of the Bank's social activities, Golf competitions and Cricket matches were popular from the early days of the Bank, and a photograph of a Staff Golf Match held in about 1925 has survived. And, as the Staff Association's History (1947 to 1972) stated: There has always been a Cricket Club and a Golfing Society.
A meeting of the Staff Socials Committee held on May 30th 1928 agreed that two golf competitions should be held that year, on June 7th (Golf Match with Councillor Gelling) and September 20th. Occasional tournaments, organised by the Staff Association, appear to have been held as indicated by a circular dated May 6th 1952 (see below).
The BMB Golfing Society, however, came into being in 1953, and the first Annual Meeting of the Society was held on March 2nd 1954. At that meeting, the following officers were elected for 1954:
    President:          H Carver
    Captain:             J A Duff
    Hon Secretary:  W K Robottom
    Committee:        Messrs J A Duff; H A Turner; W K Robottom; S F Jones
A circular to branches dated March 25th 1954 informed staff that matches had been arranged against Lloyds Bank; Midland Bank; the Civil Service; and Metro-Cammell - a complete list of fixtures to be circulated in due course. Members of staff were also advised that the Annual Dinner would be held in November.
The circular from the Hon Secretary (Ken Robottom) concluded:
Anyone interested in golf will be welcome to join the Society. Annual Subscription 2/6d - Vice-Presidents 5/-d. Subscriptions should be credited to A/c A.53662 BMB Golfing Society, the name of the member being noted on the MB 143.
On August 22nd 1955, Ken Robottom informed members that the Annual Medal Competition was to be held at Walmley Golf Club on Monday, September 12th, with the event being followed by the Annual Dinner. The Medal Round was due to commence at 4:30pm, and the Dinner (cost 7/6d) at 8pm. The Society's Captain that year was Harold Turner.
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