Staff Grading Scheme - 1923 (cont.)

After considering the General Manager's documents the Committee passed the following Resolutions:


240.   RESOLVED:-  That the following amendments be made to the proposed scheme:-

Grade C - Branch Managers

To consist of 3 Divisions made up as follows:-

                                               Minimum                              Maximum

Division 3                               £200 per annum                   £300 per annum

      "       2                               £300   "        "                        £400   "       "

      "       1                               £400   "        "                        £500   "       "


Grade B - Superintendent of Branches

               Minimum                              Maximum

            £400 per annum                 £600 per annum


Grade A - Chief Clerks

                 Minimum                           Maximum

            £450 per annum                 £650 per annum


241.    RESOLVED:-  That the General Committee be recommended to approve the Scheme as amended and to pass Resolutions as follows:-

1 That subject to the approval of the Salaries, Wages, & Labour Committee where necessary the Grading Scheme above referred to be adopted.


2 That the Chairman (Mr Councillor Appleby) and the General Manager be authorised to confer with the Salaries, Wages, & Labour Committee and obtain their approval to the proposals so far as such a course may be necessary under the Standing Orders of the Council.


3 That as from the 1st May 1923, Mr H G Wright be promoted to the post of Superintendent of Branches.


4 That the following officers be promoted as indicated below, such promotions to take effect as from the 1st April next:-

            Name                        Promotion                             Grade

            D W Woodcock         Branch Manager                    C2

            F H Deville                Branch Manager                    C3

            W F Heath                 Branch Manager                    C3

            A T Guest                  Relied Branch Manager         D

            J Baker                      Cashier at Head Office           E


5 That as from the 1st April next the following existing Branch Managers be placed in the Grades indicated below:-


                                   Name                        Grade

                                   A F Lambeth             C2

                                   W I Wynn                   C3

                                   C Danks                    C3

                                   B C Neighbour          C3

                                   E H Viney                  C3


6 That, as the remaining existing Branch Managers complete their period of training, the General Manager report thereon in order that such Officers may be suitably graded.


7 That the placing of the female clerks into their suitable Grades be left in the hands of the General Manager.


8 That the Chairman of the General Committee (Mr Councillor Appleby) and the General Manager be authorised to make such adjustments in the salaries of existing Officers as are necessary under the Scheme, and to spread the increase over such period as they may consider suitable in cases where such action is considered desirable.


9 That as from the 1st March next, the undermentioned persons be appointed to the positions and Grades, and at the commencing basic salaries per annum below indicated:-


           Name                        Position                                Grade             Salary

           J E Chapman            Branch Manager                 C3                   £235

           H E Martin                 Relief Branch Manager       D                     £175

           G A Harling               Cashier at Head Office        E                     £150


The Sub-Committee then considered the question of increasing the salaries of the General Manager and Assistant General Manager.


242.   RESOLVED:-  That the General Committee be recommended to ask the Salaries, Wages, & Labour Committee to agree to the basic salary of the Assistant General Manager (Mr F Ellison) being increased by £100 per annum as from 1st April next, a further £100 per annum as from 1st April 1924, and a further £100 per annum as from 1st April 1925.


243.    RESOLVED:-  That the General Committee be recommended to ask the Salaries, Wages, & Labour Committee to agree to the salary of the General Manager (Mr J P Hilton) being increased by £100 per annum as from 1st April next.





The result of the General Manager's recommendations,

and the subsequent amendments made by the Committee,

are shown in the following tables:

Male staff
Grade A - Chief Clerks:  
Minimum: 450
Maximum: 650
Grade B - Superintendent of Branches:  
Minimum: 400
Maximum: 600
Grade C: Branch Managers:  
Division 3                                                 Minimum: 200
Maximum: 300
Division 2                                                 Minimum: 300
Maximum: 400
Division 1                                                 Minimum: 400
Maximum: 500
Grade D: Clerks-in-Charge of Daily Branches  
    and Relief Branch Managers:  
Minimum: 175
Maximum: 275
Grade E: Cashiers at Head Office:  
Minimum: 150
Maximum: 250
Grade F: General Clerks - permanent staff  
Minimum: 100
Maximum: 200
Grade G:  
On attaining 21 years of age 85
Grade H - Youths:  
Age 16 30
Age 17 40
Age 18 50
Age 19 60
Age 20 70
Female Clerks
Ex Grade: Cashier at Head Office 150
Grade A - Sub-heads:  
Minimum: 100
Maximum: 150
Grade B - After proved efficiency:  
Minimum: 93
Maximum: 130
Grade C - General Duties:  
Minimum: 85
Maximum: 110
Junior Clerks:  
19 years of age: 55
20 years of age: 60
Attached to the Report and Memorandum submitted by the General Manager to the Committee was a very large table of comparisons. This table compared the salaries of the BMB (28 branches) with three other savings banks:
Glasgow (18 branches)
Manchester & Salford (13 branches)
Liverpool (10 branches)
Edinburgh (10 Branches)
Some of these other banks did not have corresponding positions, but the following extracts from the table show that the staff of the BMB were generally paid less that their savings banks' colleagues:
Chief Clerk:
Liverpool £650
Manchester £630
Branch Managers:
Manchester: £280 - £420
Liverpool: £370 - £450
Edinburgh: £300 - 600
Cashiers at Head Office:
Manchester: £310 - £540
Liverpool: £500
Edinburgh: £250 - £350
General Clerks:
Manchester: £155 - £275
Liverpool: £160 -320
Edinburgh: £100 - £250
Youths - 16 to 20:
Manchester: £60 - £120
Liverpool: £65 - £125
Aged 21:
Manchester: £135
Liverpool: £140
Glasgow: £115 - £170
The increase of £100 agreed for the salary of the General Manager took his annual remuneration to £1,000.
Correspondence between J P Hilton and Neville Chamberlain appears to indicate that the General Manager's salary on appointment was £550, but this was increased shortly afterwards to £750.
The "Ex Grade" related to the position of Chief Cashier at Head Office, held at this date by Miss D E Blackwell.